Monday, October 31, 2016

Who is deluded enough to think Donald Trump represents change/reform?

I cast my ballot last week (the early voting option) for Hillary Clinton as U.S. president for the upcoming general election, but not because I have much interest in the idea of a female of the species being our nation's commander-in-chief.
For Trump, it's all about the money

If anything, I’m more inclined to want to make sure a pig didn’t get into office. That is how I have come to view Republican challenger Donald Trump, who as far as I can tell thinks that because his family has significant wealth means he can behave as ignorantly as he wants toward anybody he chooses.

WHICH IS TRUE. This is a free country, and you can be as repulsive in your life as you wish. Just keep in mind that nowhere are you guaranteed the last word – everyone else has the right to feel revulsion toward you, if they wish!

I do have to question the sensibilities of those people who claim they’re backing Trump because they want radical change in the way our government operates.

I get that some people are repulsed at the very thought of Hillary Clinton’s existence – I have seen and heard those people speak for the past two decades (they just won’t let this e-mail thing die although I suspect they’re more interested in hammering her with rhetoric rather than having to go about proving their case), and I have always wondered how much of the ideologue opposition to Bill Clinton was motivated by the thought that he married HER, of all people!

But the idea that changing the way our government works is somehow embodied in the act of casting a vote for the gaudy New York real estate developer to work in the Oval Office for four years is just too far of a stretch for anyone to take seriously.

A PART OF me does believe that Trump isn’t really the conservative ideologue he has been portraying during his campaign. In fact, I suspect the real ideologues probably would be repulsed by Trump if they were to get to know him.
For now, Hillary is 'the enemy'

They would turn on him just as they have turned on George W. Bush’s presidency.

Trump is a business executive who views the federal government (and likely all layers of government) as an obstacle to his business dealings – what with the way its regulatory agencies insist on dictating restrictions on which his business projects must operate.

The government is hurting his financial bottom line. He likely figures he has donated money to government officials for years, but now figures he can cut out the middle-man. He can be the government and can single-handedly wipe out those silly little rules meant to protect the American public from people just like Trump!

NOT THAT HE’D really be able to do anything like that – unless he thinks he’s running to be dictator of the United States of America. He’ll find out how quickly the government will put a stop to him if he tries to behave so irrationally.
Who would take on Madigan role nationally if Trump won?

It’s called the American Way. It’s called Democracy. It’s called the very system that makes our nation the envy of so many other places on Planet Earth.

If anything, if Trump were really to get himself elected president, we’d wind up with a political situation way too similar to what we have these days in Illinois. One in which venture capitalist Bruce Rauner got himself elected governor – thinking he could impose a series of changes on organized labor and unions that would bolster the financial bottom line of business interests.

Only to find out that the people he wanted to demonize aren’t going to meekly go away, and will fight to protect the interests of those they represent.

FOR NOW, HILLARY Clinton is the equivalent of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, but a Trump presidency would need a new Democrat to demonize. Who would it wind up being?
Trump's chaos not comical like "Get Smart"

Would we get something the equivalent of the nonsense we endured in Illinois this past fiscal year with a stalemate that made a complete mess of several government functions? All because Rauner wanted to, and Trump wants to try to, disregard the concerns of people whose interests threaten his own financial bottom line.

There’s nothing reform about a Trump who would want to reign all supreme – he’d bring nothing but chaos to our government.

And I don’t mean chaos as in Kaos, that comically inept “International Organization of Evil” from the old “Get Smart” comedy series whom bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart outwits, often with the help of the lovely and more-talented Agent 99 – all the more reason to put Hillary in charge this time around?


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