Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Election Day won't bring to an end our national partisan political stalemate

There’s nothing terribly surprising about failed presidential candidate John McCain talking about how his Republican counterparts in Congress are prepared to be obstructionists with regards to any effort by a “President Hillary Clinton” to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court of the United States.
McCAIN: Senator says 'no judges' for Hillary

Obstructionism has been the ways and means of operating our federal government for the past six years that Congress has been in the hands of Republicans who don’t want President Barack Obama to have any lasting effect on the nation.

SO IT WOULD seem that obstructionism will be the way they will deal with a second coming of the Clinton family to the White House.

There’s still that vacancy on the Supreme Court caused by the death of Antonin Scalia early this year. Any hope that the passing of Election Day in a few more weeks will result in a return to normalcy is just a dream.

Either that, or obstructionism has become the new normal.

In some ways, hearing that Senate Republicans would be inclined to refuse to confirm any Clinton appointment to the nation’s high court may be the most sensible thing we’re hearing these days.

AFTER ALL, IT would mean that Republican opponents of a President Clinton would be staying within the process created for our government’s operations. Not that the Founding Fathers ever envisioned government officials would be petty enough to resort to such tactics.

Then again, maybe petty has become the new normal.

Hearing that the Senate would refuse to confirm a Supreme Court nominee sounds more sane than those people who talk of a coup d’ tat within our government – so as to keep “that broad” (they probably use much harsher terms to describe her) from taking office.
TRUMP: His followers prepared to wreck havoc

There’s even one website now ( with a video snippet of somebody saying he’s prepared to kill Hillary Clinton should she manage to be able to win the presidential election – which various polls and studies are indicating is somewhere in the vicinity of a 90 percent certainty.

AT THE VERY least, there are those who take Donald Trump’s “stupid speak” of Clinton being prosecuted and incarcerated if he were to win the just a tad too seriously. Let’s only hope that Trump himself has never engaged in a business deal that could be construed by a prosecutor as criminal in nature.

Although I’m sure the Trump-types would dismiss his future indictment as some sort of conspiracy by Clinton to cover up her own wrong-doings.

All of this is relevant because of the likelihood that Republican interests will hold on to their control of Congress. I know many of the e-mail missives I receive from Democratic interests these days always make the point of how we have to dump the GOP control of Congress if a “President Clinton” is to be capable of achieving anything.

Some go right out and try to scare me by saying it is inevitable UNLESS Democratic candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives win – which usually means more campaign cash. Which really means they want me to kick in money, and they’re trying to make me feel guilty because I haven’t contributed a dime to any candidate.

NOT NOW. NOT ever, actually.
CLINTON: Is she really such a shoo-in to win?

Although I don’t doubt the truthfulness of an obstructionist Congress. It may well be McCain speaking the blunt truth when he talks about an ongoing effort to keep the Supreme Court short-staffed – unless conservative ideologues get to pick one of their own to replace Scalia (and any other judge who retires or dies in the near future).

All of which means we’re not going to get radical change in the way our government operates these days. Which is sad, because radical change is what we desperately need. And NO, Donald Trump is as far removed from “radical change” as we could get.

It is sad that we have a political mindset by which people can only work with themselves and are incapable of working with others. The only way our government gets anything accomplished is if the “game” is rigged in someone’s favor – and bipartisanship becomes the ultimate vulgar expression.


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