Wednesday, October 12, 2016

EXTRA: Electoral apathy?

A lawn sign I encountered while traipsing through the Beverly neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.
Picking nobody for president

Apparently, I'm not alone in the apathy I initially felt for all the candidates seeking the presidency in this year's election cycle. Although it seems that my ability to find some level by which I can support Hillary Clinton's candidacy is something that some people can't come to.

IT MAKES ME wonder how many of these people will be amongst the great apathetic who just won't bother to turn out to vote. Which could have the affect of resulting in the electoral victory of the candidate who likely most appalls you.

Just think if having people sit out this election cycle actually makes the great outspoken masses who adore Donald Trump no matter how piggish his behavior can be into a large-enough group that can actually win the election come Nov. 8.

Or if it just encourages the level of apathy that a growing number of our society winds up feeling toward electoral politics.


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