Monday, October 17, 2016

Trump wants any edge he can get in upcoming (and final) debate w/ Clinton

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has already shown that in a head-to-head oratorical competition against Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton, he’ll get his clock cleaned.
The halls of UNLV will host the final presidential debate

His gut instinct is to spew so much nonsense on pseudo-issues that only the most illogical of people will take him seriously.

SO ANYBODY WHO expects this Wednesday’s political faceoff between the two to produce anything in the way of serious data is kidding themselves.

Heck, there’s the fact that Trump already has tried to make an issue of drug-testing, trying to imply that Clinton is unstable and must somehow be “high” on something. Nobody believes that to be true – except for the nitwits who want to believe the worst in her.

Trump also has been spewing the continued rhetoric of how the election process is being rigged against him – possibly because he thinks it is absurd to let people who don’t support him even have a vote.

To that end, Trump has hinted that he now thinks the two debates he already has done are sufficient and he may not even bother to show up. Although he also has made other statements implying he will participate, but that he intends to behave like a complete horse’s behind.

AS THOUGH TRUMP think we ought to be blessed to be in his presence and let him enlighten us with his nonsense.

A part of me wonders if Trump would think of claiming that the location of the final debate is somehow biased against him – the Las Vegas campus of the University of Nevada. Which usually is a school known for nothing more than its occasionally-talented basketball teams.
Would Trump think his hotel/casino be a more conducive debate forum?

It wouldn’t shock me if he’d think that a more appropriate place to hold a debate would be the Trump Casino – any place where he thinks he’d have the psychological advantage over Hillary Clinton.

If you think this is absurd, take into account the last debate at Washington University in St. Louis. That was the one where Trump kept walking around the stage during the debate so as to constantly be standing behind Hillary.

THERE WERE THOSE people who joked that Trump became Clinton’s stalker during the debate. Personally, I think he thinks that somehow, the fact that his pudgy image was constantly in view meant that people were focused on him – rather than on anything that Hillary had to say.

Which makes me wonder if the only person who might have been “high” during the debate was Donald Trump himself.

Then again, Trump likely isn’t high. It’s just an over-bloated ego on his part – and the idea of having to endure another face-to-face confrontation with Clinton must be a blow to that ego.

Particularly since it would mean more direct evidence that Trump isn’t anywhere near qualified to be a government official at any level, whereas Clinton likely has experience unique to any other president – and not just because her husband was a president some two decades ago.

SO WHAT WILL the point be of Wednesday’s political spectacle, other than seeing how debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News can handle the bloated Trump ego – and if he brings any reminiscence of his early 1970s days as a WBBM-TV reporter from the days when Channel 2 news reigned supreme with “Bill and Walter” at the head.
Can one-time Chicago newsman top Trump ego

Debt, the economy, foreign hot spots, immigration, the Supreme Court are all among the topics to be discussed, although I suspect the portion where they’re allowed to discuss each other’s fitness to be president will be the key component most likely to attract attention.

Who comes up with the most outrageous cheap shot against the other’s personal existence may well be the quote of the debate.

And when it comes to being able to spew nonsense that makes for good video, that could be an area in which Donald Trump is capable of coming out on top.


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