Saturday, October 15, 2016

There are those for whom Election Day is all about dumping on Hillary

The polls show no dramatic drop in the level of support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
2016 will go down in history as year of Hillary ...

Some political people who a week ago were all eager to make public statements denouncing Trump for his retrograde attitude toward women have gone so far as to take back their opposition.

THE USA TODAY newspaper reported a survey this week showing some 26 Republican elected officials who said they’re still going to vote for Trump come Nov. 8, regardless of the statements they made previously that were critical of the New York real estate developer.

Here in Illinois, Gov. Bruce Rauner has done a perpetual dance to avoid saying anything at all about what he thinks of Trump – which has led to Democratic political interests concocting television spots that imply the need to oppose “Trump/Rauner Republicans.”

Because the governor must support Trump if he won’t come out against him. Or so goes the logic. And most importantly, he can't do anything that would give aid and comfort to Hillary Clinton.

I’m not surprised there wasn’t some drastic drop in support for Trump’s presidential aspirations. Because the reality is that there are many people who are casting their votes for Donald who could care less about him.

FOR THEM, THE 2016 election cycle was supposed to be the time that they dumped on Hillary Clinton. It was supposed to be the chance they banded together to put an end to her political aspirations and send her back in shame and disgrace to whatever place would be willing to let her live amongst them.

But for those people, this year has been a tragedy. Nothing has worked out the way they wanted.

Circumstances are such that Hillary ought to be able to win the upcoming presidential election. All the different groups that Trump has gone out of his way to demonize to get himself conservative ideologue votes ought to be large enough to create enough votes against him.
... no matter how much Trump's ego thinks it's about him

The Trump camp’s chances of victory rely on political apathy by those people; combined with the intense level of support amongst the people whose votes are motivated by the desire to dump Hillary.

WHICH, TO THE kind of people who are motivated by their own irrational hang-ups about people who are different from themselves, seems like a sure bet. They desperately want to believe they’re the majority – just like they were a century ago.

That’s what the “Making America Great Again” slogan is really all about. If the electoral system were really “rigged” like Trump-types often like to claim it is, he would be a shoo-in to win. An honest election would see him lose.

I couldn’t help but notice the Democratic National Committee’s latest e-mail fund-raising appeal – sending out a request for contributions. “We are on the verge of losing if we don’t stop Donald Trump from being elected,” the committee said.

“Despite all the failures of Donald Trump’s campaign, the Trump train hasn’t managed to come completely off the tracks,” party operatives wrote. “No matter what Donald Trump says or does, his core group of supporters are going to be loyal to him until the very end, and the polls show that.”

TAKE THE ATTITUDE expressed this week by broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, who complained about the criticism Trump is taking from women who say his conduct with them bordered on sexual assault.

RAUNER: Even Gov. dragged into Trump mess
As Limbaugh put it, people are focusing too much on the notion of “consent” when it comes to sex. As though there ought to be occasions when a “man’s man” can have his way without worry about silly notions of the law being used against him.

Which is an offensive enough idea it’s a wonder that Limbaugh’s future isn’t at risk. Except that to people for whom the focus is to dump Hillary (and in the process, undo the past eight years in which they were forced to endure the existence of Barack Obama), just about anything becomes justifiable.

For as much as Trump claims he’s going to throw out the existing political ways of doing things, I suspect that if Donald wins, he would find it frustrating how rigidly those ideologues would expect him to take their commands – to the point where he’d wind up wishing he’d lost the election to Hillary Clinton in the first place.


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