Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane ‘Donald’ whomps ‘Matthew’ out of the public eye. Will he knock GOP out of Election Day as well?

“Matthew” blowing along the southeast Atlantic and wrecking havoc wherever he went could have been the talk of the nation this weekend. Instead, we got “Donald” showing us that his garish behavior goes on and on and on.
TRUMP: Probably thinks he's being picked on

I’m referring, of course, to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, whom anybody who was paying attention throughout the years knew he treated women like toys to be played with. But we now have tapes showing us just how crudely he behaved. He makes Hugh Hefner seem like a sophisticated, refined gentleman.

CLINTON: How will she play this issue?
THE TRUMP WHO comes through on tape – talking about how he grabs a woman’s most private parts and kisses them anytime he wants because they all want him – is not only an egomaniac, but also a pig. As in the kind of guy who thinks women exist solely to service him.

And they’d better be blonde with big jugs (or otherwise be in the running for the Miss U.S.A. pageant that Trump owns), or else The Donald will deem them unworthy of existence and treat them as objects of ridicule. Perhaps the proper penalty is some sort of court order banning Trump from the pageant premises in the future.

Anybody who had been paying attention to the gauche public persona that Trump has portrayed during his time in the public eye already knew he was on Wife Number Three, in addition to many female flings in his younger years.

We’re now being told tales of Trump’s boorish and grotesque behavior (seriously does anybody else behave this way?) that the GOP politicos and other operatives are fighting their way to be at the head of the line of officials now eager to say they don’t back his presidential bid.

OF COURSE, IT won’t change his standing amongst the element of our society that was the only reason Trump had a credible campaign to begin with. The “basket of deplorables” probably think that Trump is merely a “man’s man,” and it is the reason a Morning Consult tracking poll showed Trump dropping only from 39 percent support to 38 percent.
'Matthew' has 16 U.S. casualties before going out to sea; 'Donald' has 29 more days
With Democrat Hillary Clinton leading by 42 percent. Big surprise, the people to whom this election cycle is all about dumping all over “that hag Hillary” aren’t going to let anything change their mindset.

What is important to realize is how small that segment of the electorate truly is – even though they shout so loud to try to make us believe they’re really a majority.

The odd part of this tale coming out is that I have no doubt that Trump, in his own fantasy way of viewing life, probably thinks he’s supposed to be the one making the allegations – putting the pressure on Clinton to defend the fact that her own husband has a history of adulterous behavior.

INSTEAD, IT WAS Melania Trump who felt compelled to issue the statement this weekend saying she finds his behavior “unacceptable and offensive,” yet also finds it within her heart to forgive him.

Which is a factor I will consider in making up my own mind about this predicament – largely because I think the real victim in such cases is the spouse who has to deal with the trash becoming public. If she doesn’t want to publicly penalize him, that’s her prerogative and we should respect that.
Soon to be popular?

Just as I used to sarcastically joke that if Hillary wanted to take a Sammy Sosa model Louisville Slugger upside her husband’s head after his behavior, we should stand back and let her. Instead, she managed to find it within herself to move ahead in life – making those people who can’t move on with regards to Bill Clinton all the more pathetic.

I suspect that in Trump’s mind, the outrageous part of these disclosures about his behavior is that he now cannot credibly say or do anything negative about the Clintons. It will get thrown back in his face.

ALTHOUGH IT WASN’T a secret. Trump has always maintained a public persona (because he thinks we all inherently care about him), and the failure of his other marriages was known.
Will Bill get the last laugh?

Particularly that of his first wife (and mother of three of his kids) Ivana. Any Republican who now argues that they can’t support Trump because of the way he treats women is full of it – you knew all along, yet chose to ignore it because you hoped he could pull off an electoral victory that you could leech off of for partisan political reasons.

They’re almost repulsive and absurd as the political operatives who tried using the line of logic that Trump was registered as a Democrat back when he made such remarks.

And we can now speculate as to whether Hurricane Donald will do more damage to the Republican Party and its Election Day chances than Hurricane Matthew managed to do down in Florida and up to the Carolinas.


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