Monday, October 3, 2016

EXTRA: No goats inside Wrigley

What with the fact that playoff baseball will return to Wrigley Field come Friday, we’re going to hear a lot of tales about that damned goat.
The alleged reason the Cubs didn't win in '45

As in the one that “Billy Goat” Sianis supposedly tried to take to a World Series game with him back in 1945; only to become offended when Wrigley Field ushers (remember the Andy Frains of old?) wouldn’t let the goat into the ballpark.

THE RESULTING GREEK hex is supposedly the reason the Cubs lost the World Series to the Detroit Tigers that year (never mind the fact that the Tigers were revitalized by the return of their star Hank Greenberg from military service during World War II) and have been unable to return to the World Series ever since.

Am I the only one who can’t get around the fact that those ushers of old acted entirely properly by refusing to let a piece of livestock into the ballpark?

The idea that a ball club’s failure is somehow due to this is just too absurd to believe – even in some sort of fantasy-type of way!

Repeated tellings of the goat tale are just one of the things that many of us are going to find incredibly annoying about the Cubs’ appearance in the upcoming rounds of playoff games.

OUT OF FEAR that saying this will somehow get me banned from visiting the Billy Goat Tavern (the one underground near Michigan Avenue, the others are mere imposters), I’m not up to giving the place free publicity.
His 2 home runs the real reason the Cubs didn't win

Which, when you think about it, was the purpose that old man Sianis (the uncle of its current owner, Sam Sianis) had in mind when he brought a goat to a ballgame to begin with!

Let’s be honest. The Billy Goat Tavern has got generations of free publicity from repeated tellings of the tale of “da Curse.”

Perhaps it’s just time to admit the Cubs haven’t been able to win the whole thing all these years because they weren’t good enough – a situation that Cubs fans are hoping has finally been rectified now that we’re well into the 21st Century.


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