Thursday, October 27, 2016

EXTRA: Somebody’s been listening to too much Charlton Heston lately

WALSH: Oh, be quiet!
"On Nov. 8, I'm voting for Trump. On Nov. 9, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket. You in?"


That Tweet (from a Twit) came from the former member of our very own state’s congressional delegation – Joe Walsh, who served one two-year term as an ideologue from Illinois before the people of his congressional district came to their senses.

Obviously, he’s someone who has been influenced by the NRA rants of the late actor Charlton Heston. Which makes me wonder if next, he’ll come up with some way of shouting at Dems, “Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damn dirty ape.” Perhaps as they're taking him away for being a crazy person waving around a musket in public?!
Walsh's role model?

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