Monday, October 3, 2016

Trump one-upped by New Yawk Times

I have no doubt that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is p-o’ed these days at the New York Times.
Even the Daily News felt compelled to play the story

Because the New York real estate developer who has made a big production out of refusing to play by the political rule that he willingly disclose his income through public release of his tax returns now has that very information publicly known.

THE TIMES MANAGED to get a copy of the joint return filed by Trump and then-spouse Marla for 1995. The return showed that Trump’s business losses were so extensive that they enabled him to take advantage of tax write-offs so large that he wound up owing the federal government nothing in the way of taxes.

Literally, the Trumps lost some $912 million that one year – which was far more than most of us have managed to earn during the course of our whole lives.

The newspaper also speculates – without knowing for sure if this is true – that Trump may have used similar tax tactics to cancel an equal amount of money off his tax bill in future years.

Donald Trump, the newspaper tells us, may not have paid federal taxes for nearly the past two decades! Wow!!!!!!

ACTUALLY, THIS SHOULD not be at all surprising to anybody in the know. For the very wealthy often get that way by taking advantage of tax laws and exemptions meant to benefit them.
Trump-loving Post thought Mets were more important

Trump himself told ABC News earlier this year, “I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” Then elaborated to a question about his actual tax rate, “It’s none of your business.”

Besides, I’m sure that someone who is as much of a control freak as is Trump views this as a matter of having a right to determine who ought to get information about himself.

Even though most people seeking government office go out of their way to make the information public because they think it somehow enhances the image that they’re (sort of) regular people.

AS IN SOMEONE who actually needs the money from their bi-weekly paycheck in order to cover their daily expenses of life.

Sun-Times relegated Trump tax return to lower right corner
But that is not a role that Trump could even pretend to play. Which is why he so adamantly refused to let anything become publicly known, and in fact now is issuing statements implying that the New York Times is trafficking in stolen goods.

Which is how Trump would like to think of his tax return being. I’m sure he’s anxious to have people think in terms of someone prosecuting New York Times editors with criminal charges for actions that made it worth someone’s while to steal the Trump return.

In fact, by the time you read this, the conservative ideologues who back Trump so vehemently because they think Trump is just like themselves will be spewing that rhetoric so intensely you’ll already have a headache.

THE PROBLEM IS that Trump really is nothing like anyone else – and thank goodness for that. It would be excruciatingly nauseating if there were more than one person with the overbearing gaucheness of Donald Trump!

Not that I expect the people backing Trump will see the tax return to suddenly see these figures and experience an epiphany. Those people have made up their minds long ago, plus the fact that they are so hard-core opposed to the notion of Hillary Clinton. Nothing will change their minds!

But for the real masses who might feel a touch of apathy and believe that there’s no real difference between the two, we should keep this in mind. Trump is someone whose significant wealth has come from being able to use the business establishment rules in his favor.

Regardless of what you think of Hillary, anybody who thinks Donald is any different is being foolish. Then again, Trump has been counting on the masses being foolish all these years to make up with our tax payments what he has been able to avoid paying out of his income.


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