Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woo Hoo! I got a Trib

For those who are curious, I finally managed to snag a copy of the Chicago Tribune from the Day after Election Day.

My brother (who also was unable to find any newspapers anywhere on Wednesday) went to a 7-Eleven convenience store to pick up the Thursday morning newspapers, and found that they had received another shipment of Wednesday Tribunes. He noted that people in the store still were grabbing stacks of them to load up on souvenirs.

MY BROTHER WAS sensible, and bought one copy. After reading it, he passed it along to me. It likely will get filed away with a few other newspapers from dates of significance that I have held onto.

For what it is worth, on Thursday I did stumble into a store (a Walgreens') that had copies of the Tinley Park-based SouthtownStar newspaper from Wednesday (which they did not have on Wednesday proper). But after seeing for myself just how scrawny that paper has become (only two sections for sale), I decided it wasn't worth my 75 cents.

I passed.


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