Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama tries to fight Hurricane Gustav

I’m bracing myself for an upcoming batch of e-mails from the Obama presidential campaign, while also preparing to loosen up my wallet.

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said Sunday he plans to use the huge list of e-mails he accumulated (in part through his recent stunt promising to announce his VP choice directly to his followers) to try to raise money for relief efforts for people affected by Hurricane Gustav.

DOES THIS MEAN the Obama campaign will be able to take credit for at least a portion of whatever relief efforts spring up in coming days, once the hurricane hits the U.S. mainland? Don’t forget that the hurricane already has hit several Caribbean nations – killing about six dozen people and leaving many thousands of others homeless.

During an appearance in Ohio, Obama said he may try to solicit his supporters to actually go down South to work in the relief efforts, and not just send money.

The one thing he definitely doesn’t want? People thinking they can clean out their pantries and push off those canned foods they were never going to eat anyway. “We don’t want to solicit a bunch of canned goods that can’t get there, or bottles of water and then learn they already have water,” the senator from Illinois said.

At least this e-mail asking for money won’t offend me as much as the pleas for yet another donation to help Barack win on Nov. 4.


EDITOR’S NOTES: Is this Barack Obama’s way of trying to undermine the fact that Republican opponent John McCain ( is actually traveling to Louisiana to see the relief efforts for himself?

If there was really a God who believed in intervening in our lives, he would have smitten filmmaker Michael Moore ( before he could open his mouth. Even as a joke, his comments were lame-brained.

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