Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quinn campaign struggles, but Blagojevich takes the title for head goof

I believe that Gov. Pat Quinn should be thankful for the behavior in recent days of Rod Blagojevich. Because it is about the only thing that prevents us from labelling the incumbent governor as being the most delusional person our our political scene.

Quinn is the guy whose executive Inspector General got dumped and had his chief of staff quit on him, just a few days after the political consultants he hired to help him get re-elected quit on him – and took a few pot-shots at him in the process. Can't Quinn keep anybody?

ONE COULD SAY that Quinn is the guy who is losing to a guy who, on ideological grounds, he should be wiping the floor with. Instead, it seems William Brady may have a chance at a Nov. 2 success – although with just over two months remaining in the campaign season, I can’t help but think that anything could happen.

But before we write off The Mighty Quinn as the man without a political clue, I think we all have to agree that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich gets that title – regardless of anything that the current governor does.

At least that is how I respond to Blagojevich on Sunday for his comments that he has it in the back of his head that he will run for political office someday – after he is acquitted of all charges in whatever second trial he is forced to endure.

The pomposity contained in the thoughts of that last sentence are so intense that it almost makes me want to wretch just by writing it. Blech!

WHAT I CAN’T figure is if this is just Blagojevich-style posturing, or if he really is this delusional?

Because back when the Illinois General Assembly went through the process last year of impeaching Blagojevich and removing him from office, they also took the time to pass an order that specifically bans Blagojevich from ever running for an Illinois political post again.

I’m sure some people thought that ban was wide-ranging and covered everything. But I’m pretty sure it would be restricted solely to positions within Illinois state government. Of course, Blagojevich rose to the top of the pile in Illinois state government, so I can’t envision why he’d want to go back there.

Does Milorod really believe he could go back to Washington and serve in Congress? Perhaps he thinks he can move to a neigborhood where the locals will be sympathetic enough to want him as their representative?

THE ABSURDITY OF that statement makes me want to laugh at this payaso (with apologies to Bozo, Clarabelle and Krusty). Ha Ha!

Or maybe Blagojevich, the man who while he was governor never seemed to like to leave the city limits, has it in his head that he can run for a city government office. Maybe he thinks he is Mayor Richard M. Daley’s future replacement?

That thought creates a reaction within my body that is both noisy and smelly, along with being rather rude in public.

So the idea of Blagojevich with a political future, to me, creates a reaction of wretching, laughter and a fart. In short, I don’t exactly take the idea all that seriously. Which is why I wonder why anyone these days is taking it seriously.

IT CERTAINLY SEEMS that way, since newspapers and their websites across the country are playing up Blagojevich’s talk, which came on one of those weekend talk shows of political analysis. I realize it was a Sunday broadcast being written up in the Monday newspapers, which means it got covered for the same reason that news organizations pay attention to anything Pat Quinn does on Sunday.

There’s nothing else to cover.

They may like to think they are more sophisticated than the attempts at political and social analysis that we get from Oprah or those women at The View. But Fox News Sunday showed it could be just as vaccuous for allowing Blagojevich to go on their air and say such stuff without challenging him much.

In fact, I’d like to think that Whoopi Goldberg would have smacked Blagojevich upside the head and told him to quit being a fool, if he had tried to say these same things on her daytime talk show.

ABOUT THE CLOSEST anyone came to challenging him was when he was asked why he would refuse to travel to their studios in Washington for that interview, instead attending the Comix Con convention held in Rosemont this weekend.

At least to that question, Blagojevich gave a blunt answer that was probably the only honest comment he has made in a long time. He needs the money.

All of those people who were willing to pay Blagojevich $50 for his autograph (or $80 for a photograph with him) are helping him to come up with money to live off of for the next few months. Of course, just to put things into perspective, pro football Hall of Fame member Jerry Rice commanded $150 for an autograph at a recent sports collector’s convention held in Baltimore (and $170 for a photo op). Although former pitcher/current broadcaster Steve Stone can be had "cheap" for $30.

So being a goofy guv with delusions of a political comeback (perhaps he thinks he’s his one-time idol, Richard Nixon, circa 1962, instead of 1974) has its limits.


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