Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I’m giving myself the day off today.

Call it a moment of holiday-inspired laziness if you must, but I just can’t help but believe that a majority of people have better things to do than to turn to their computers on this holiday to find out what I think about whatever issue happens to capture my thoughts.

FOR THOSE OF you who might fret (all one or two of you), I will be back Saturday.

Until then, log off your computer, get out of your house and enjoy life on this extended holiday weekend, which for some of us (,0,3070094.story) began on Thursday.

Because come Monday, we all have to return to our work and our life’s responsibilities.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Among the interesting songs that emanated from 2120 S. Michigan Ave., was Chuck Berry’s ( take on a modern-day carol that has been covered by, among others, Otis Redding, Bruce Springsteen and Hanson.

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