Saturday, August 23, 2008

EXTRA!: To forgive is devine

I guess this means Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., is forgiven for his condescending talk last year about how “clean” and “articulate” a person Barack Obama is.

Either that, or the Associated Press has managed to make what will go down as a gaffe of historic proportions.

THE WIRE SERVICE sent out reports in the early minutes of Saturday indicating that it will be an Obama/Biden ticket that takes on John McCain and the Republicans come Nov. 4. That means it will be the two senators who will appear before the throng of people expected to gather at the Old State Capitol.

If correct, it also means the Obama desire to make the news media obsolete flopped. History will record that it was a conventional news report that first gave us the name of Biden, not a text message.

It also confirms that the Internet and all the latest technical gadgets may be new devices for the transmission of information, but they are useless if there isn’t someone knowledgeable capable of digging up such information.

And on a final note, how long until the Republican attack dogs remind us about Biden and plagiarism?


EDITOR’S NOTES: Is the Obama campaign vindictive (or cunning) enough that Joe Biden would lose out on the chance ( to be the running mate just because someone spoiled their desire to make a show of the announcement?

The newspaper from Illinois’ capital city plans to use this spot ( on their website to give running accounts of Barack Obama’s appearance with his new running mate.

The Biden people ( offer up information about his decades as a public official in Washington.

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