Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why, oh why, would he want to be president; for the television ratings?

For Hillary Clinton, the reason she’d want to be U.S. president is simple. She’s the ambitious sort who probably thinks that if her husband was capable of getting elected to two terms of work in the Oval Office, why can’t she.
Campaign a stunt to promote television show? Or just a figment of Michael Moore's imagination?
The fact that she’d be the first female in that role, if she succeeds in winning the Nov. 8 general election, also entices her – the thought of a legacy that would make her a historic figure has its appeal.

BUT WHAT ABOUT Donald Trump? What would make a real estate developer who has built countless structures (and named so many of them after himself) want to have a position as head of the bureaucracy that comprises the federal government?

Perhaps it’s the fact that it doesn’t really make much sense that makes some people suspect Trump isn’t really interested in holding the post – and may very well consider outsourcing the position to someone else should he manage to prevail on Election Day.

Which is a ridiculous thought. Then again, so much of what has occurred under the guise of the Trump presidential campaign has been absurd.

I found it interesting to read a Michael Moore (as in the documentary filmmaker) commentary where he suggests that Trump got into the presidential bidding as a publicity stunt, of sorts, to promote that ridiculous television program, The Apprentice.

YOU KNOW, THE one that everybody thinks is ever so cute because he’s always barking out “You’re Fired!” at people. As though there’s really anything interesting about watching someone get dismissed from their place of employment.

Under Moore’s theory, television executives backed off of Trump when they started hearing his anti-Mexican rants that began his campaigning. But Trump – and his ego – got caught up in campaigning to the point where he can’t really quit now.

Now I don’t know if I really buy this theory. I don’t doubt television executives are trivial-minded enough to concoct such a scheme. I’d just like to think that someone business-oriented like Trump would knock it down before it got started.

After all, a presidential campaign takes time away from business interests if done right. And Trump doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of person who’d turn over leadership of Trump Enterprises to daughter Ivanka or son Donald, Jr.

I’VE KNOWN PEOPLE who work in construction who have done business with Trump Enterprises who say that he micromanages the details of his projects, literally insisting on personally approving any expense over $100,000.

To the point where I know construction types who say they walked away from a chance to make very big money on projects because they didn’t want to deal with The Donald watching over their shoulder on every little detail.

To my own sensibility, Trump is the business-oriented type of person who probably views government officials as some sort of wasteful middle-man he is forced to deal with. Worse yet, they impose all kinds of restrictions that add to his expense – which means cutting into the financial bottom line of the buildings he erects.

By running for office, he’s eliminating the middle-man and gaining the authority to sign off on his own interests. I’m sure the last thing he’d want to do if he were to get elected president would be to have to turn over management of his company to someone else.

IT WOULD DEFEAT the whole point of why he got involved in this campaign to begin with! To my mindset, business-oriented people are not fit for government, largely because they’re not used to the idea of having to compromise and negotiate deals on behalf of conflicting interests.

Particularly for someone like Trump, he’s used to getting to bark orders and having them followed. How would a “President Trump” react the first time Congress told him symbolically to “shove it!”
Is Hillary really in for a crushing defeat? Zip says so
I actually think that the best thing for Trump’s personal sanity would be for him to suffer a crushing defeat on Election Day.

Which means that for the nation’s sake, we should hope that the Zip poll – the one by an app surveying people anonymously that has Trump winning 81 percent to 19 percent – is downright ridiculous.


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