Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Which Trump can we say has most outrageous NY Post front page?!?

Until Sunday, it could be said that one of the New York Post’s most outrageous front pages ever was that one from 1990 that informed us of how incredibly proficient real estate tycoon Donald Trump was sexually.
Does this front page ...
But now, we may have to seriously judge whether “the Donald” has been topped, and by none other than his own wife.

FOR THE NEW York Post managed to find out that some 21 years ago, an aspiring model Melania Knauss did something that many would-be actresses and models do – she posed for photographs in the nude.

Those photographs appeared in a French magazine that no longer exists.

But rather than just report that the woman who has since become the third Mrs. Donald Trump and could wind up as the nation’s first lady if her husband’s presidential aspirations are successful, the Post carried the story to the next level.

They found the photographer who took the pictures and bought the rights to publish them. Then, they did.

MEANING THAT FOR those people who bought the Post on Sunday got to see a busty young woman in all her physical glory. We got to see more detail of Melania than most so-called men’s magazines would have given us.

Not even Playboy bothers to publish explicit nudity anymore (they really want us to read it for the articles).

But the Post let us know exactly what it was that caused Trump to desire Melania and make her his latest (and presumably, final) wife.
... make this one seem deadly dull by comparison?
While also giving the masses of us who are dirty-minded and looking for any excuse to drool something to lust over.

I WONDER IF people will try to put used copies of the newspaper on eBay or in other ways claim the issue to somehow be collectible and valuable.

Then again, I’d be afraid to handle a copy unless I were wearing rubber gloves, because I’d fear exactly where somebody was touching themselves while they were simultaneously handling their copy of the newspaper.

Eew! And, yech!

Even the 1990 story that told us how the woman who became Trump’s second wife, Marla, supposedly boasted about Trump’s sexual prowess to her girlfriends (one of whom then blabbed all about it to the Post) somehow now seems tame by comparison.

THE POST BACK then would have had to have given us pictures of Trump himself in the act of coitus with his then-mistress to match the level of creepiness that has been achieved now.

Of course, Trump himself has claimed he’s not peeved about the Post’s latest actions. He’s giving us the official line that the photographs have artistic merit. He can’t very well claim the woman isn’t his wife. Age hasn’t changed her physical appearance all that much.

And it isn’t like these are the photographs from 1975 that purport to be former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that are so grainy we can’t really tell who it is whom we can see in all her full-frontal glory.

Although that didn’t stop Hustler magazine from publishing them then. Does this now make the Post the equivalent of publisher Larry Flynt? Do Post executives envision Woody Harrelson portraying them too in a third-rate film?

PERSONALLY, I ALWAYS felt that one of the problems with the Trump phenomenon is that Donald himself had his ego over-bloated from all those years of the New York Post elevating his every stupid trivial act into a ridiculous headline.
Does this covered cover top them all?
Because those of us with sense can see the Post was merely going for the cheap headline. They filled space and sold a few papers.

While Trump probably thinks he got written about all those years because he’s a deep-minded public persona whose every exploit is worth noting.

Unfortunately for us, these things do draw attention. Because let’s face it – we’re not going to soon forget the Post, while I’ll be the first to admit we’ve already forgotten what it was the New York Daily News deemed worthy of Page One!


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