Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Who’s kidding whom? We don’t (or shouldn’t) require immigrant standards

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump showed us all on Monday why his line of reasoning makes him unfit to be president of the United States.
TRUMP: Would his wife be model immigrant
That’s the only way we can view his suggestion that we require tests of people from elsewhere on Planet Earth who want to come live in this country. As Trump put it, we should require tests to see where they stand on certain issues.

AS FOR THOSE whose views on issues don’t pass the test, keep ‘em out!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t let ‘em in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ban them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which, of course, is nonsense. There’s no way we could ever devise a test on social issue stances that would possibly make any sense.

Largely because those are issues upon which we, the native born of this nation, don’t agree. Just think how up in arms our own citizens would be if/when they found out that the official stance required on an issue such as equal rights for gay people is the one they can’t stand.

And as much as I’d like to fantasize that we could deport all those people who culturally want to live in a land motivated by the Dixie mentality and a return to “our way of life” (which is the euphemism I have heard many aging Southerners use to describe the segregation of old), I’m realistic enough to know it will never happen.

IN FACT, IT would be more likely that the official stance required for immigration would be something along the lines of the Dixiecrats of old. Something that the real majority of our nation would find repulsive.

Something that would go about splitting our society ever further than it already is. How quickly will vice presidential running mate Mike Pence have to come up with a stance in opposition to make himself look a little less ridiculous by association?

For the simple fact of our society is that we are a mix. We don’t have an indigenous people in this country (and I’d say those people of native Indian tribes aren’t numerous enough to be considered the base of our nation).
PENCE: What next will he disagree with
And while I know there are those who rant and rage and complain about how we can’t all unite and be just like themselves, I have always thought of the fact that we, the United States, are a cultural mutt is our greatest strength.

ONE BEING MADE even stronger in the 21st Century because immigration is no longer about finding even more western Europeans who, within a single generation, can be mistaken for someone who was native-born to this nation.

I also have felt that those individuals who come from totalitarian nations with close-minded views of the rest of the world are often the ones most in need of some time living in this country.

Exposure to the real world is what they need.

Then again, I suspect there are those living in parts of this country that keep themselves as isolated as they can from urban America who also could benefit from such exposure.

BECAUSE A PART of me has always wondered if those social conservatives of our society look at the totalitarian parts of the world and secretly feel a tinge of jealousy, wishing that our nation would be just as strong-armed in opposition to anything they don’t agree with.

Maybe we ought to think about deporting them to less-open places of the world? Nah, that would be as logistically ridiculous as all of Trump’s talk about boosting deportations and erecting a pointless wall (you never heard of tunnels?) along the U.S./Mexico border.
CLINTON: A vote for sensibility?
If anything, I suspect that many of the people who actually are going to vote for Trump for president come the Nov.8 elections are doing so because they like this ridiculous isolationist vision of the world. Which is why Trump said what he did on Monday during a campaign appearance in Ohio.

The man will say anything, no matter how absurd, if he thinks it will get him another vote. Meaning that the real majority of us who find isolationism to be stultifying need to express our opposition on Election Day with a vote of opposition.


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