Saturday, August 6, 2016

Election rigged? It must be if we don't ignore Trump as ruler of our universe

The whining is getting ridiculous, although I think those Republican political operatives who seriously are speculating that they can have presidential nominee Donald Trump declared mentally unfit are just a bit absurd.
TRUMP: He must prevail, or else!?!
For whatever reason, your political party allowed Trump to gain the right to call himself the Republican nominee. Now live with it, and work harder in future election cycles to not have your party process usurped by an egomaniacal nut.

BECAUSE THAT’S ABOUT what I have concluded is the situation involving Trump. And I also realize there are people in our society who are totally comfortable with Trump because they think his nuttiness will work out in their favor.

Or at least it will work against those people they want to perceive as not like themselves.

So when Trump goes on rants like he has earlier this week talking about how the electoral process is “rigged” against him, it just comes across way too clear that this is someone who thinks he is entitled to an electoral victory.

Because, in his mini-mind, there’s just no way a fair and just system would allow anybody but himself to prevail.

OF COURSE, THIS is far from the first time Trump has come off as an ego run amok. Someone who seriously thinks his wealth makes him better and more important than everybody else.

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to an old story from back in February – back when Trump was talking about the need to alter the First Amendment to the Constitution.
Is this Trump vision of Constitution?
That’s the one that regards freedom of religion and public expression, and also includes a clause preventing abridgment freedom of the press. It is the basis of various court decisions that give news organizations some protection from rich egotists like Trump who wish they could intimidate through lawsuits.

Because as Trump said back then, he needs to have the authority to use the courts as the mechanism by which he intimidates people because, “I’m not like other people.”

JUST LIKE NOW, he thinks he’s different from other candidates whom he wants to think must kneel before him and pledge their lives to his service.

Just like actor Terrence Stamp’s “General Zod” character in the Superman II film from 1980. Remember the scene where he demanded the U.S. president pledge allegiance to him if he wanted to live?

Why do I fear that we have a presidential nominee who has watched Superman films far too often, and finds some sense of likeability in the villain character?

Then again, perhaps Trump believes the only kind of film worth watching would be one based on his own life – and one in which he would get to portray himself on the silver screen! It’s not the most absurd idea – radio talk show host Howard Stern got to play himself in the film based on his biographical book “Private Parts.”

PERSONALLY, I’D BE reluctant to watch such a film. It would just be a little too self-serving. Besides, watching the activity of this election cycle is giving us all a show that is far too absurd to take seriously.

The kind of nonsense we have seen and heard in recent months has been such a stretch. I fear future generations won’t quite believe us when we recall our memories of what has happened.
If Trump is Zod, does that make Hillary Superman?
Either that, or they’ll wonder how we could possibly be ridiculous enough to take such a character seriously? I’m not about to try to answer that question – that is one we will have to spend years pondering.

It also makes me wonder if the majority of society whom Trump has gone out of his way to demonize in order to entice the segment of society he wants to favor will wind up giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign the super strength that Superman himself used in that film when he crushed Zod’s body with his bare hand, and Zod’s allies were left so weak that even Lois Lane was able to cold-cock them!


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