Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump’s ‘Second Amendment people’ wisecrack totally in character

I’d like to be able to say I’m grossly offended at the thought of anyone being boorish enough like Donald Trump was earlier this week in his implying that someone could take a shot (literally) at presidential opponent Hillary Clinton.
Can't the people, just tell this campaign, "You're Fired!"
But that would be an exaggeration on my part, because I actually think the sentiment that Trump was hinting at is totally in character with that segment of our society that wants to impose a conservative ideological bent upon all of us with regards to all issues.

THE IDEA OF somebody taking it upon themselves to attack Clinton because they don’t agree with her politically? It’s really just the next step in the ongoing process by which the political right has a twisted view of what is, and is not, appropriate.

Let’s not forget that it was just a couple of weeks ago that the leading chant amongst Trump supporters at the Republican National Convention was “Lock her up!”

As in implying that Hillary Clinton deserved incarceration for the high crimes of not agreeing with their ideological leanings on the issues. As in it ought to be a crime for people not to be conservative.

And as for those people in our society who are just too different to ever fit in with the so-called masses, they ought to come to their senses and just get out of the country – or else face incarceration themselves.
Former Sen. Grace Mary Stern wore target on back as joke

FOR LET’S NOT forget that in the old days, the ones that the Trump-ites allude to when they repeat his nitwit slogan of “Making America Great Again,” there were some people who literally got incarcerated for being black. Or have we forgotten that sick old label of “Sundown Towns” where the police would be allegedly upholding their duty by arresting non-white people who were found within the municipal limits after dark?

In a sense, when Trump made his tacky little wisecrack on Tuesday in Wilmington, N.C., about the “Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know” he was merely playing off the same sentiment.

By the way, for those of you who can’t keep your Constitution talk straight, that amendment is the one that limits the federal government’s ability to impose laws against firearms ownership – although rightward-leaning judges have interpreted it to be an absolute right to firearms ownership!

The same people who will tell you that automobile ownership is a privilege will claim that one is entitled to pack a pistol because of the Constitution – even though anyone who bothers to read the amendment sees it refers to the fact that in past years, one who served in a local militia would have to provide their own weapon with which to fight.

HENCE, NO RESTRICTIONS on a personal firearms ownership.

But I’m not interested today in debating firearms ownership. I doubt even Trump cares much about the issue. His latest wisecrack was probably little more than evidence of just how dull is wit is. How boorish he can be.

Then again, if we want someone with a sense of humor in the White House, perhaps we should elect comedian George Lopez. Who in his routines has joked of how the first Latino president would still live in a White House – albeit one decorated with blue trim.

I’m sure there are people who are reading the stories being published now quoting CIA officials and Secret Service types talking about how close to violating the law Trump came with his wisecrack who are thinking something seriously has run amok

OF COURSE, A joke is a joke until someone decides to react upon it. Because some people have no sense of humor or irony.

Perhaps as evidenced by the people who got all offended on Facebook by a posting someone made – telling us, “Sarah Palin vows to leave America if Trump loses and move (sic) to New Mexico.”

Will Hillary's bulls-eye be real?
Which clearly was a parody of both those people who threaten to leave for a foreign country if their preferred political people lose, and also just how stupid Palin has shown herself to be by implying she’d think the Southwestern state is a part of Mexico. Which it once was!

The number of people who got outraged and think they have the “gotcha!” moment against liberal thought is frightening. Particularly since it makes me think that at least a few of them also reacted to Trump’s wisecrack with a thought along the lines of, “He’s got the right idea!”


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Anonymous said...

TRump's followers scare me even more than he does. So many are delusional and just outright stupid.