Thursday, August 4, 2016

Republicans aren’t engaged in love-fest these days; does Trump really care?

Let’s be honest. The establishment of the Republican Party in this country is p-o’ed at the fact they don’t have a candidate in this year’s presidential election cycle.
TRUMP: Using GOP label for now
Sure, New York real estate developer Donald Trump managed to win the Republican Party’s nomination by taking advantage of the fact that there were 17 other candidates and NONE of them could build any traction among voters.

BUT IT’S REALLY the Trump Party now challenging Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Republican operatives are more concerned these days with trying to salvage something so they can rebuild in the months and years following the Nov. 8 elections.

Their biggest fear is that Trump manages to undermine the party operations so thoroughly that this becomes the year the Grand Ol’ Party goes the way of the Whigs. Remember them?

Of course you don’t. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people reading this commentary are now muttering to themselves, “What a moron. It’s spelled, w-i-g-s.”

In light of that context, it shouldn’t be surprising that Trump is refusing to publicly back House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., or Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in their own bids for re-election come November; although Trump's vice presidential choice, Mike Pence, has said publicly he backs Ryan.

THIS IS PURE political payback, as far as Trump is concerned. Because the House speaker and one-time presidential nominee have been among the two most vocal Republicans in expressing their reluctance to have Donald atop the ticket of their political party come Election Day.
Is this the image Trump hopes nation has of Hillary?
Now that it’s definite he won and there isn’t a thing either of them can do to stop it, Trump is going about talking his own trash. News reports pointed out that Trump’s “I’m not quite there yet” comment about supporting Ryan is almost word-for-word the same thing Ryan said about supporting Trump back in May when Trump still had a few challengers trying to build some momentum so they could beat him.

I don’t think Trump cares one bit what the other Republican candidates think of him. He figures he has his supporters – people who like his ridiculous trash-talk because it supports their viewpoint that they’re the only people in our society who ought to matter and that anything benefiting somebody else is a waste that ought to be eradicated.
McCAIN: Will he call Trump a 'loser' on Nov. 9?
Of course, one can argue that the Republican Party in recent election cycles has been pandering to these kind of people so much that it’s no wonder they now feel the strength to take control and quit dealing with the namby-pamby political geeks altogether.

THE TRICK ABOUT predicting a Nov. 8 outcome in this country is to figure turnout – since the one thing I’m sure about is the people who are talking up Trump now are the ones determined to vote. They can’t wait for the chance to cast that ballot.

They will be a reliable support base, and they can’t comprehend how anyone could possible like that reprehensible witch of a candidate who is married to the philandering fool who once was our president.

The real majority of our society feels just reverse; Trump’s continued hostile rhetoric about so many peoples turns them off to where they feel revulsion at the thought of him winning. But they could also get lazy and not bother to vote.

So much so that the Trump minority could actually be large enough to win come Nov. 8. In which case, the attention in the next 96 days before Election Day ought to be paid to how much is Hillary Clinton making her would-be backers enthusiastic enough to want to vote for her?

IF SHE CAN’T do that, she loses and has no one to blame but herself. If she can, then Republicans begin picking through the rubble on Nov. 9 to rebuild themselves.
Intriguing character, or ultimate subversive?
Trump may be engaging in a lot of nonsense rhetoric these days about the electoral system being “rigged” against him. Perhaps he can’t comprehend the idea that a true majority of people in our society are those whom he has been so relentlessly been attacking on the campaign trail – particularly in light of the demographics of our nation in this 21st Century.

Is Trump the kind of guy who views “Star Trek” and its vision of a 23rd Century in which our planet has come together as one and seeks out exploration with other worlds as the ultimate nightmare that he has to fight to avert at all cost?

It makes me wonder about the sense level of a guy who views Mr. Spock as the ultimate subversive force – rather than just an actor in ridiculous-looking pointy ears!


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