Thursday, August 18, 2016

EXTRA: My regrets I can’t comprehend Arabic in the least

I’m usually pretty loose when it comes to public comments. I’ll let people say just about anything they want here, so long as they don’t delve into profanity.
FARR: Sad if he's the only Lebanese you're aware of
Yet I was forced Thursday to delete one person’s proposed comment they wanted to post on the end of the Trump’s Second Amendment people wisecrack totally in character commentary that was published here Aug. 11.

THE PROBLEM? THE response was written in Arabic. I have no clue what it was that was being said.

Which is most likely a short-coming on my part. Unlike some foreign languages that use similar alphabets that I can kind of comprehend, I was unable to even come close to translating what someone was trying to say.

Although from what I could tell from the portion of this weblog that actually tracks (in a general sense) the whereabouts of my readership, this response came from someone in Saudi Arabia. Someone tried posting it at about 2:20 a.m., Chicago-time (which is the only time zone that matters here)!

Knowing my luck, I deleted a comment of great political and social significance. Then again, it might have been just an attempt at spam; someone trying to use this site to sell their product or service!

JUST ONE OTHER thought. In deleting the comment, I remembered an old episode of M*A*S*H where actor Harry Morgan’s “Col. Potter” character tried reading a letter written by the mother of actor Jamie Farr’s “Cpl. Klinger’s” back in Toledo, Ohio. Written in Arabic (the character was supposedly Lebanese), Potter said, “It’s a pretty language.”

One that many of us ought to not be so arrogant and quick to dismiss in today’s global community.


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