Monday, August 29, 2016

Trump fixes Wade name spelling, but still misses the point on race, politics

Dwyane now a Bull; it's about time!
You have to give Donald Trump one bit of credit.

When people began bashing him about on Saturday because of his use of Twitter to try to score political points off the shooting death of the cousin of aging NBA star Dwyane Wade, he fixed his typo.

ALTHOUGH I’M NOT sure it really should be considered a typographical error. Besides, the real reason the Republican presidential nominee deserved criticism this weekend was for his continued arrogant way in which he thinks he has the solution to the problem of urban violence.

Even though I strongly suspect that people with the attitude like Trump are actually the problem, rather than the solution.

For the record, Trump acknowledged the shooting death Friday of Nykea Aldridge – who died after being struck by a stray bullet fired while she was out walking around with a baby carriage. The child in the carriage was not wounded.

Aldridge is a cousin to the basketball star who played his prep school ball at Richards High School in suburban Oak Lawn and his college ball at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

THAT CAUSED TRUMP to say that African-American people will be so fed up with urban violence that they will “VOTE TRUMP!!!” come Nov. 8.

What bothered many of the people who felt compelled to write disparaging responses is that Trump made reference to “Dwayne Wade,” not going along with the spelling of his own name that Wade uses (which apparently is the way his grandmother felt the name should be spelled when she gave it to his father – Dwyane is a “junior”).
Would King Kong have handled issue better?
Trump later deleted his Twitter comment and replaced it with something fixing the name spelling. As though that solves the problem!

The real problem is that Trump truly is delusional if he thinks he’s getting anything resembling a significant share of the black vote come Election Day. Heck, I’ve seen some polls saying that as little as 1 percent of African-American people are inclined to back Trump.

BASICALLY, EVEN BY the pathetic standards of the Republican Party, black people are rejecting this presidential candidate.

Because black people are intelligent enough to figure out who the real problem is with regards to government officials who don’t have their interests at heart.

Trump last week tried claiming that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the real racist because Democrats haven’t done much of anything to improve the lot in life of black people. He may have a point.

But black people are aware enough to know that while there may be a sense of apathy toward them and a feeling that Democrats take the black voter bloc for granted, it is the Republican government officials who call out for public policies that view black existence as the root of all problems in our society.

ANYBODY WHO WATCHED the Republican National Convention a month ago could clearly see that it was a lily-white affair. It’s no wonder the white supremacists (or racialists or whatever label they try to use to water down the concept of bigot) feel comfortable with the Trump vision of the party that they’re willing to back him publicly.

As far as Democrats are concerned, one can argue whether there are enough of black people or Latinos or any other group within the membership, but the overall impression is one of an organization that includes a little of everybody – which may well be why they don’t easily agree.

Differing people often find trouble playing nice with each other. But it’s also a reflection of the reality of our society.

Listening to Trump trying to score political points off race by trying to ignore our differences makes it seem like he’s the real source of the problem we as a people continue to face.


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