Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Who in their right mind wants to be the police superintendent in Chicago?

Rahm (left), the tyrant mayor?
I have to wonder about anyone who winds up being in charge of the Chicago Police Department in the near future.

It is a thankless job for which everything that goes wrong will be blamed on you. And there likely won’t be anything that goes right that you can take credit for.

YOU’D BE WALKING into a situation in which there is the potential for record levels of violent activity to take place this year.

George, the baseball equivalent to Rahm?
What will make it worse is that the violent activity will be contained to select neighborhoods – making it extremely easy for much of Chicago to ignore its existence altogether.

And as for those poor souls who live in those violent neighborhoods, they’re going to be the base of people who will be watching your every move and are already preparing themselves for the vocal campaign to denounce you as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s puppet cop and to demand your ouster from office.

You also have as a boss a man who’s the political equivalent of George M. Steinbrenner – the late owner of the New York Yankees known for his erratic temperament that would fire people at a moment’s notice; which resulted in the iconic baseball team going through a decade of mediocrity-to-suckiness. Is that Chicago’s fate?

Martin became Steinbrenner's whipping boy as manager
THE ONLY REAL question is if Emanuel is Steinbrenner, who is the political equivalent of Billy Martin – the Yankees manager whom Steinbrenner hired and fired five times; and probably would have hired and fired yet again had he not been killed in a Christmas Day auto accident.

In short, I don’t envy the situation now faced by Eddie Johnson, the man who is now interim superintendent of the Chicago Police Department.

The man whom the Chicago Police Board will have to figure out a way to recommend to Emanuel so that he can officially give him the top cop job on a permanent basis.

The question, of course, is what kind of sucker would allow themselves to be used by the Chicago Police Department as a possible superintendent, just so the police board can offer up three names to allow Emanuel to pick Johnson and reject the other two.

Would Johnson let Emanuel treat him similarly?
OF COURSE, WE shouldn’t presume that Johnson would be a lock on getting the permanent post.

Let’s not forget that when the police board originally came up with three candidates for the superintendent’s post, Emanuel favored among them Cedric Alexander of Cobb County, Ga. – as in suburban Atlanta.

Depending on whose report one wants to believe, Emanuel either offered the job to Alexander or was on the verge of doing so when he rescinded the offer. It seems that Alexander talked too much before the appointment could formally be announced.

Who’s to say that Johnson won’t somehow find a way to peeve Emanuel during his time as interim superintendent – thereby ensuring a need to find yet someone else? Could it turn out that the Chicago police superintendent position becomes one that no self-respecting law enforcement official would think of taking?
Truly independent? Or absurd like Billy & George?
BESIDES, IT WILL come back to the rate of violence. I have often pointed out the fact that back in the late 1980s Chicago had a homicide rate that approached nearly 1,000 dead people per year. We’re at about half that rate now.

Although I’m sure to the 500 or so people who are killed and to their families, that is high enough to be intolerable.

As it is, the site for Chicago reported Tuesday about the 775 people shot thus far in 2016 – 80 percent more than the number of people shot (although not necessarily killed) during the first three months of 2015. Will the summer heat we’ll soon be receiving wind up giving that figure a record-setting jolt?
It only makes me wonder what kind of perks the police superintendent post provides in order to make it worth anyone seriously considering.


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