Friday, March 25, 2016

I’m on break

I’m not overly devout, but I have decided to give myself a holiday from this weblog – an Easter break, so to speak.

Bound to be re-enacted at an area church, if you look hard enough
Admittedly, I haven’t had an Easter break since grammar school. My spring-time vacations since then usually carried more the image of hanging around a beach surrounded by skimpy bikini-clad women.

THE PROBLEM BEING if I tried to do that now, I’d probably have those ladies calling the cops to report me as the lecherous type who’s paying too close of attention to them.

So I’ve decided to take a couple of days off – fresh commentary will return here on Monday. Maybe I'll find myself a place that will serve me a drink or two with a little umbrella sticking out of it.

Perhaps a couple of days of rest around the time of the holiest of holidays in Christianity will do me some good. Although I think what will truly do me some good is not having to think of our political geeks for a couple of days.

If only we could all do that.

ANYWAY, IF YOU are celebrating Easter, I say happy holiday. If you’re not, I hope you still have a relaxing weekend.

And if you’re the overly devout type to whom this weekend isn’t funny business, I wish you well. Particularly if you’re one of those types who will partake in a Good Friday service out in the Pilsen neighborhood where they’ll do a Stations of the Cross service.
Is this more your vision of Easter?

You’ll literally get to see Jesus Christ severely beaten, then strapped to the cross.

The last time I saw one of those services, it literally turned my stomach, as the parishioners portraying Roman soldiers did such a convincing job of administering their torture that it was a wonder “Jesus” was able to walk home at night in one piece, let alone enjoy the following Easter holiday.


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