Monday, March 14, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders like anybody?

I’ve already cast my ballot in the Democratic presidential primary for Hillary Clinton. So I suppose it would be pretty stupid for me to now have regrets and wish I could support Bernie Sanders’ political aspirations.

SANDERS: Does he like anybody?
But watching and listening to Sanders in recent days is actually making me more convinced I did the right thing when I voted for president.

I’M GETTING THE sense of the senator from Vermont as the perpetual crank who is always capable of placing some blame on someone else, but isn’t necessarily the kind of guy who can get things done.

Insofar as being a crank, I’ll be the first to admit to having a personality that borders on grouchy. Then again, I’m not seeking the presidency this year, or any other time in my lifetime.

Sanders issued a statement on Saturday that called Republican presidential dreamer Donald Trump a “pathological liar.” Of course, that was in response to Trump going around telling people across the country that all of the “thugs” who disrupted his campaign rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago were really Sanders supporters.

Going so far as to imply that Bernie somehow coordinated the disruption.

WHICH IS NONSENSE. But then again, the campaign season often is filled with cheap, tacky rhetoric that candidates aim at each other – with them figuring it’s all worth it, IF they manage to win!

And if they don’t, who’s going to really remember the details of all the sleaze we’re hearing these days?

But while a Democrat knocking a Republican (or vice versa) is to be expected, Sanders differs because he’s so eager to smack about the political people whom he theoretically should be counting on for support.

Who does Bernie despise more? Donald ...
Although considering that Sanders is the member of the Capitol Hill set who has gone through life identifying himself as a socialist (or “I-Vt.” as an identifier for those people who don’t want to make mention of anything other than “D” or “R”), I’m sure he’s on unusual ground having to use the “Democrat” label this time around.

THERE JUST ISN’T a “socialist” caucus that would support Sanders if he were to win the presidency. I can envision how a Sanders presidency wouldn’t accomplish anything because he’d have no allies.

Particularly after going off on Mayor Rahm Emanuel, saying Hizzoner’s record on public education, pensions and fund-raising stinks. And, of course, reminding us that primary opponent Hillary Clinton is a long-time Emanuel ally.

... or Mayor Rahm?
There are times I wonder if Democrats across the country despise Sanders more than establishment Republicans can’t stand the thought of Trump taking the GOP banner nomination for the November general election.

Actually, I suspect those establishment Republicans have more hatred for Trump because some of them could very well be forced to cast ballots for the Democratic nominee – whereas no self-respecting Democrat is going to seriously shift support to The Donald.

I FOUND IT somewhat surprising to learn of Sanders appearing Saturday at the PUSH/Rainbow Coalition’s weekly gathering. Bernie is a long-time supporter of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and I expected the event would mean an endorsement of a prominent civil rights figure.

JACKSON: Won't say who he votes for
Instead, all that happened is Jackson endorsed former mayoral dreamer Robert Fioretti for a state Senate seat, while saying he supports both Sanders and Clinton for president.

Jackson also said he plans to give Hillary equal time come Monday with a public appearance on her campaign’s behalf. He said his focus is to get as many people as possible to cast ballots.

A noble goal, particularly for an election cycle that has turned out to be incredibly un-noble and tacky as the so-called unpolitical people are supposedly asserting thei contempt for “politics as usual” this year.


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