Monday, March 21, 2016

Conspiring to take down “The Donald.” Can GOP pull it off in next 100 days?

TRUMP: A conspiracy to deny the nomination
This truly is an election cycle that makes no sense.

The oft-cited difference between the two major political parties in this country is that the Republicans know how to strong-arm their members to get things done, whereas Democrats often let their differences split them up into factions that keep them from uniting.

SO WHEN IN 2016 we have situations where each presidential primary has a candidate determined to gain themselves the nomination at the expense of the political party establishment, you’d think we’d have radically different results.

But this year, it seems that the Democrats are the ones who are capable of keeping some semblance of order to making their presidential pick – Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont may have a faction of supporters who say they’d NEVER cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton.

But the Democratic establishment is such that Hillary has a significant lead in achieving the delegate count she needs to gain the party nomination when they all convene in Philadelphia later this year.

The Sanders people, many of whom are younger folks who don’t quite comprehend the ways of electoral politics, will whine and scream all they want. But it doesn’t seem likely they’ll prevail.

WHICH NORMALLY IS what we’d expect from the Republican side of the aisle. But it certainly isn’t happening here.

Because it’s pretty clear that the last thing the Republican political establishment wants is the notion of Donald Trump as their presidential nominee. The man is a political and personal buffoon with the potential to scare enough voters into the arms of Hillary Clinton to make up for the youthful radical types who claim there’s no way they’d ever vote for her.

CRUZ: More 'rational' Republican choice?
But the garish New York real estate developer is well on his way to gaining the delegate count that would make his nomination at the Republican Convention in Cleveland a mere formality.

Which is why I found the New York Times to be amusing with their weekend report about how the GOP top dogs are plotting amongst themselves to figure out ways that Trump can be denied the presidential nomination.

PERSONALLY, I FIND it even more scary that the Republican idea of a better alternative to Trump is that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, gets the nomination. He’s got his own ideologue streak and would be likely inflict some serious harm on our society,

CLINTON: More rational choice for real people
As opposed to Trump, who really isn’t an ideologically-oriented kind of guy! He’s just an over-bloated ego, and one who never really took the time to study the society around him.

Because, after all, it’s all about himself! The rest of us just need to adapt ourselves to his way of thinking – is about the way he sees things.

As reported by the Times, it’s going to be a 100-day strategy beginning with the Wisconsin primary next month, and running into the summer. Turn the other presidential hopefuls into the credible candidates who will start winning primaries and caucuses.

SO THAT BY the time that process is done in mid-June, nobody has enough delegates to make the GOP convention an over-glorified pep rally in their honor. Then, it becomes a matter of twisting and turning enough arms of delegates until someone else, anybody else, gets the presidential nomination.

There’s talk of bringing in people not currently in the running (or perhaps resurrecting someone like former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who dropped out of contention months ago). Some pretty serious conspiring just to overcome the fact that the Republican Party has been too weak to kill off a political amateur like Trump months ago.

Personally, I’m inclined to agree with Trump on one point – that if he now were to fail after all the support he has gained, it would be perceived by his supporters as a plot and they’d figure out some way to revolt. He’s right.

If the Republican Party were truly capable of denying Trump the presidential nomination, they’d have figured out a way of carrying out such action months ago.

IT MAY BE too late to do much to stop the idea of Trump from being a factor, particularly since his followers are definitely the type of people who won’t be bothered to vote if their beloved nit-wit doesn’t make the final ballot.

STEVENSON: Let nation experience '86 Ill. chaos!
There’s even some speculation that Republican establishment types may put together a third political party or back an independent presidential choice. We ought to ask Adlai Stevenson III how that works – remember his own “Solidarity Party” Illinois gubernatorial bid of 1986 when Lyndon LaRouche followers hijacked his Democratic Party nomination by choosing waspy-sounding running mates over Democratic establishment types like “Sangmeister” and “Pucinski?”

Then again, there’s also the similarity between that election cycle and Trump – in that there is evidence that some Trump delegates failed to get chosen because their names sounded “too foreign” to the majority of those who like the idea of an amateur like Trump living and working in the White House.

And it may well be the Democratic operatives who get the biggest laugh of this situation, since it’s usually themselves who suffer from such chaos and inability to get things done.


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