Friday, March 4, 2016

EXTRA: Does Trump hope his “hands” distract our attention from other issues?

Yes, we all got the insipid gag about Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump using a debate this week in Detroit to show us his hands as evidence that a certain other part of his body is more than adequate to the ladies.

It's a wonder Trump doesn't use it as a campaign leaflet
Admittedly, it was in response to a lame bit by would-be GOP challenger Marco Rubio trying to point out to us that Trump has tiny hands. As though he was trying to imply that Trump would be lacking in that Rod Blagojevich-ian quality of “testicular virility” (remember that nonsense) if he were to become president.

PERSONALLY, I THOUGHT the whole bit was just trivial – and more proof that there’s nothing legitimate about this election cycle’s Republican side worth considering in the voting booth.

It actually makes me wonder if Trump himself will somehow remind us of that 1990 New York Post “exclusive,” the one where the newspaper found someone who claimed then-mistress (now ex-wife) Marla Maples claimed Trump to be the “best sex” she’d ever had.

That was about as legitimate an issue as this is – although I suspect it did sell a few extra copies of the Post on that day over a quarter-century ago. And we are still talking about it today.

Which is probably why Trump enjoys having the matter come up – it distracts attention over the issue of whether Trump’s people are deliberately singling out black people to be kicked out of their campaign rallies.

AS THOUGH THE remaining white spectators enjoy the sight of one of “those people” being harassed and given the boot. It gives them something to cheer about, and perhaps something more memorable than anything Trump actually says during his campaign rallies.

The most prominent of these events took place this week at Valdosta State University in Georgia. About 30 black students planned to sit and watch the rally in silence as sort of a gesture of protest.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s a lame protest gesture.

Is this really the city's best hotel?
But it was enough to get Trump campaign aides to have the police kick those trouble-makers out. How dare they keep their mouths shut in public!?! Perhaps Trump thinks it’s only normal to spout out nonsense while appearing in public.

OF COURSE, THERE is disagreement over who gave the order to boot those students.

Trump and his top aides claim they knew nothing about the students, didn’t notice them at all and never said a thing to remove them. Although Lowndes County, Ga., police say they were asked by campaign aides to do the duties of booting them out!

So who’s lying? Who knows! In the context of the Trump campaign, it probably doesn’t matter in the least – his political backers already know what they want to believe, and could care less what the facts actually contend.

All of which makes next Friday all the more interesting – Trump told the Chicago Sun-Times he’ll be in Chicago and will even spend the night here at his grandiose, self-named structure that takes up the site where serious journalism used to take place.

AND WHICH TRUMP engaged in boasts about how it has become Chicago’s “Number 1 hotel.”

What boasts will he make while spending time in the Second City? For in the end, the boasts are about the only thing that comes from the mouth of The Donald.


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