Wednesday, March 9, 2016

EXTRA: Will Bernie Sanders repeat Michigan victory next week in Illinois?

Much is being made of the fact that presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders managed to pull off a primary victory Tuesday in Michigan.

Will Ill. follow Michigan's lead, ...
He won by some 4 percentage points over Hillary Clinton – even though the polls in Michigan had anticipated Hillary would easily win the state with some 20 percent margin of victory.

THERE ARE THOSE who say that Sanders now has a chance in the fellow Great Lakes state of Ohio in that state’s primary election come Tuesday – and that the Great Lakes states (or Rust Belt, as some seem to prefer to dismiss the region) is going to be the great savior of the Sanders presidential aspirations.

Which is of interest locally because we, too, are in those Great Lakes states. We, too, have a primary coming up next Tuesday. Are we about to ignore the fact that Hillary is a suburban Chicago native and dump all over her chances of winning the White House?

Not likely, although it should be noted that the Chicago Tribune had a poll this week showing Hillary taking two-thirds of the Democratic primary supporters – and with a 42 percent victory margin.

Illinois must love Hillary even more than the polls claimed Michigan did. Will Illinois wind up being different from the other Great Lakes states? Or will Sanders trigger an even bigger surprise in the Land of Lincoln than he did in Michigan?

... or will we stick with one-time hometown girl?
IF SO, IT would be the most influence Illinois has exerted over a presidential campaign in decades

Of course, the same Tribune-published poll also had Donald Trump leading in the GOP primary – with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., finishing third (21 percent support) and desperately relying on his own home state’s primary come Tuesday to keep his campaign alive.

I wonder at what point does contempt for the concept of “President Trump” provoke Democrats to get off their lazy keisters and cast a ballot to ensure their party has a strong opposition candidate? And no, I don’t want to hear anyone claim to me that the salvation of our nation is the candidacy of Willie Wilson!

I’d like to think it could be the very same Chicago Tribune, which on Wednesday published its official endorsements for the presidential primaries – Rubio for the Republicans, and nobody for the Democrats.

The Tribune's presidential fantasy
BECAUSE SUPPOSEDLY NONE of the Dem candidates are talking in any terms the one-time “World’s Greatest Newspaper” can take seriously. Then again, they don’t think much of Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and are going for a man who may well wind up bringing his campaign to a close once he suffers crushing defeats next week. Because NBC News/Wall Street Journal have a new poll showing both Sanders and Clinton beat up on Trump nationally!

I’m not sure what to make of our state’s primary activity – for a place that likes to think it is crucial to the nation’s government (having a president from our city for the past seven years has inflated our egos a bit), we’re going to be awfully disappointed if it turns out the rest of the nation makes its presidential pick in 2016 without much regard for what Illinoisans think.

Is this vision worthy of a presidential hopeful?
Although it would be amusing if, after all is said and done, Hillary (a Park Ridge native) winds up joining the ranks with Abraham Lincoln (Springfield), Ulysses Grant (Galena), Ronald Reagan (born in Tampico, raised in Dixon and educated in Eureka before he left us for swimming pools and movie stars in California) and Barack Obama (the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods) of U.S. presidents with ties to our state.

All of which is better than having a president whose local tie is having his name emblazed on a garish building along the Chicago River!


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