Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not a political revolution on Tuesday, no matter what some want to believe

I’m sure there will be those individuals who will contend a serious change in our government was achieved, what with the way voters in Cook County dumped State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Still have my sticker
Anita is the one whom it seems will wind up taking the fall for the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald, as her opponent, Kim Foxx, managed to get a serious voter margin over her.

SO MUCH SO that people can’t argue the presence of a third candidate in the Democratic primary took votes for Anita – Foxx got a solid majority. With particularly strong voter turnout for her in the South Side and surrounding suburbs.

In short, the portions of metro Chicago that have majority African-American populations where people were outraged over the shooting death of McDonald that got captured on video.

The people who have been screaming for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign and are frustrated to realize he could care less what they think will have to settle for defeating Alvarez’ re-election bid (she was seeking her third term as head of the county prosecutorial office).

Let’s hope they remain pleased if, in a couple of years from now, the criminal trial of the police officer who shot and killed McDonald (he faces multiple counts of murder) does not go the way they want and the cop gets acquitted (which is always a real possibility).

BUT FOR THOSE people with the Beatles’ song “Revolution” running through their minds, I’d say “Pipe down!” Because dumping Alvarez – while significant – is about as big as things got on this Election Day.

FOXX: The new state's attorney
U.S. Senate hopeful Andrea Zopp, who was hoping that the same people who voted Foxx into the Democratic nomination for state’s attorney would also support her, didn’t do so well.

Her numbers were so weak that the various newsgathering organizations rushed to declare Rep. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., the winner for the Senate right when the polls closed at 7 p.m.

And as for “the Bern,” Sen. Sanders of Vermont would seem to be nothing more than a mild case of suntan in Illinois and elsewhere. For it seems Democrats in this state preferred Hillary Clinton. Then again, so did Democrats in all the states where ballots were cast on Tuesday.

HILLARY, THE PREFERRED candidate of the Democratic Party establishment, continues her progress toward gaining the presidential nomination for the November general election.

CLINTON: She didn't get 'berned' in Illinois
While the one-time “Party of Lincoln” continues to shame the reputation of “Honest Abe” with its desire to nominate obnoxious New York real estate developer Donald Trump for a bid for the White House.

If anything, the intriguing part of Tuesday’s activity may well be the turnout.

It wasn’t that big in Chicago proper – Board of Election Commissioners officials say it was less than the 53 percent of registered voters who turned out in 2008 when hometown boy Barack Obama first ran for president.

BUT IT WAS high in the suburban areas – so much so that the Washington Post made a point of acknowledging the desire of our suburbanites to make sure to cast their ballots.

For what it’s worth, I have one Facebook friend who tells the story of how his parents did not cast their ballots because the lines were so long at their polling place in suburban Buffalo Grove and they couldn’t wait.

While I know my own parents in suburban Homewood saw the long lines of would-be voters waiting to use the touch-screen machines to cast ballots, and wound up deciding to fill out paper ballots instead, rather than wait in line.

All in all, it makes me grateful I used an early voting center to cast my votes a couple of weeks ago. Particularly since any attempt to consider Tuesday’s outcome revolutionary gets dumped all over by the outcome for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

Da winnah, and still champeen!
NOT ONLY DID he solidly crush the challenger who received campaign funding from people loyal to Gov. Bruce Rauner, his preferred candidate of Julianna Stratton managed to crush state Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago – the legislator whose refusal to support Madigan on several issues undermined the so-called “veto proof” majority that Democrats use as their club over Rauner’s head.

Political retribution was achieved. And how revolutionary can things be if the big winner for the night is the high-and-mighty “Mr. Speaker?”


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