Sunday, March 13, 2016

Political spin can rival a roller-coaster when it comes to making one ill

I couldn’t help but be amused by Bernie Sanders, whose presidential campaign put out a statement regarding his Sunday campaign rally at Ohio State University.

Putting his own spin on Trump dealings
“Boisterous, but peaceful,” was the way the Sanders people described the crowd of 7,500 who gathered to “feel the Bern,” so to speak. Also meant as a direct contrast to the crowds of nincompoops who have felt compelled to be at Republican Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

ONE DAY AFTER the event that Trump wants to describe as Chicago “thugs” getting out of hand at the University of Illinois at Chicago, someone tried to rush the stage at an event in Dayton, Ohio.

That led to a public decision to cancel the event meant for Sunday in Cincinnati. Although it appears that the event wound up taking place anyway, the security was stepped up to the point where Trump was physically surrounded by local police and the Secret Service detail that has been assigned to his campaign.

Trump, it seems, already wants to behave as though he’s the head of a police state prepared to flex its muscle at anyone who dares to speak out against The Donald!

Trump, meanwhile, is keeping up the cheap talk about how the need for this overkill in security is because of the people being instigated by Bernie Sanders himself.

FOR IT SEEMS that Trump is one of those people who just can’t function in life if he isn’t the perpetual victim – some “meanie” is constantly out to get him. He’s being picked on so much that it’s the very fault of the people Trump singles out for abuse that he criticizes them.

And if by chance, Trump’s critics respond in kind – he claims HE’S the one being hurt!!!

Who has bigger victim complex; Donald ...
Bernie Sanders’ campaign appearance Sunday had its touch of self-serving silliness – what with contrasting how well behaved his crowd was compared to the Trump crowd.

But Trump’s victim complex is becoming so overbearing as to the point of being ridiculous. To the point where it is a miracle anyone can take seriously his presidential aspirations. And we have to seriously question the mental competence of anyone willing to publicly say they’d vote for the man.

... or Charley Hustle?
WHICH IS WHY it may be all too appropriate that Trump on Sunday got the endorsement of Pete Rose – the one-time Cincinnati Reds hitter and manager who himself has a victim complex at work. It would be like if Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs were to give a presidential candidate his political blessing

Rose is determined to believe he’s wrongly being denied his place in baseball’s Hall of Fame just as I’m sure Trump will take his eventual electoral loss as evidence of what is allegedly wrong with our society.

Even though I’d argue it will be the moment of clarity in a campaign cycle that has exposed just how delusional some of us in our society can be.

It also is the moment when the campaign cycle that resembles an amusement park roller-coaster ride will come to an end, and we’ll all feel a bit queasy at the memory of what we will endure in coming months.


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