Friday, May 8, 2009

Blagojevich won’t go so low as Drew, but could Milorod still wind up on TV

I guess we know now to what level Rod Blagojevich won’t stoop to. He won’t work in a Nevada brothel, even if it has the potential to pay him money and put him on national television.

That was the big revelation I got out of the story published Thursday that one-time Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson was considering taking a job at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

THE BROTHEL, WHICH operates legally in Nevada, would have considered putting Peterson on their payroll as some sort of security consultant until it was learned that Drew's luck apparently has run out and he now faces criminal charges. But according to the Chicago Tribune, it seems that the brothel originally wanted to hire Blagojevich.

They went so far as to contact his new publicist (the one who thinks it’s a good idea for him to appear on “The View” and do all these other nitwit stunts). But Blagojevich said “no.”

Who’s to say what he would have done. I doubt he would have been in charge of security. He most likely would have made appearances on behalf of the club that employs some 500 girls.

So the man with the pompadour would have turned into the face for a brothel.

I’M GLAD TO hear that he’s not willing to take the job. He may be unemployed and the feds may be trying to take every financial asset he has to ensure that he is busted financially, but even Rod has a breaking point financially.

Although it appears that this particular brothel is the one featured in a “reality” television show that airs on HBO. So I’m sure that some people would not see the difference between Blagojevich bopping around a brothel, or winding his way through the jungles of Costa Rica.

But somehow, I doubt that being the face of a brothel would create the image that Blagojevich wants to have when the day finally arrives that he has to go on trial in U.S. District Court on those government corruption charges.

What is laughable is the fact that HBO says it doesn’t want Peterson on their “reality” show. So if the brothel hires him, he won’t become a mini-celebrity through the show “Cathouse.”

BUT PERHAPS HBO would have liked the idea of Blagojevich being on the air for all those people who are willing to pay premium rates (my brother being among them) for cable television.

So Blagojevich IS the image that television wants to have to promote itself.

All of this back-and-forth makes me wonder about Blagojevich’s ultimate fate. It seems incredibly likely that Milorod is going to wind up doing some sort of television gig (even though the federal judge in his case has made it clear he would prefer for Blagojevich to keep quiet, stay off the air, and pretend to be cooperating with his attorneys as they ready themselves for his defense).

In short, shut up and don’t do anything that might make anyone else look foolish.

BUT WHAT HAPPENS should Blagojevich someday be convicted of some sort of federal offense, and actually winds up obtaining an “Oxford education” (doing a stint at the federal correctional center in Oxford, Wis.)?

Is modern-day television depraved enough in its programming values that someone would propose a “reality” show about the life of a prison inmate? If so, would inmate Blagojevich become the perfect focus for such a show?

Think about it. There are so many potential “episodes.”

Inmate Blagojevich gets processed into prison and has to submit to a humiliating strip search, with little blurs blocking out our view of Blagojevich’s “privates.”

INMATE BLAGOJEVICH GETS a prison “job” on a janitorial crew and has to wield a mop on camera. Perhaps he becomes the one who has to clean up some other inmate’s mess (vomit and/or excrement will be involved).

Inmate Blagojevich has trouble adapting to prison food (which is usually basic staples and influenced more by rural America than anything else).

Inmate Blagojevich winds up finding other former political people now serving prison time for corruption charges. They form their own little club where they talk politics and public policy, but wind up kicking Blagojevich out of their clique when he becomes unbearable with his efforts to dominate the discussion.

Perhaps we’ll even get to see as Inmate Blagojevich breaks the rules and has to be disciplined by the guards. Rod in the prison hold? Rod protesting by conducting a hunger strike?

THESE “EPISODES” MAY sound disgusting and horrible. They are, I sure wouldn’t watch.

But there are people in our society who are depraved enough to find pleasure in such misery, and who also are so outraged with Blagojevich’s behavior that they probably think he deserves such treatment.

In short, this might very well be the one “reality” television show that a majority of the public wouldn’t mind having Blagojevich appear in.

And that probably says more about how low we as a society have sunk, rather than Rod.


EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re losing our chance to see Rod Blagojevich (,Peterson-Blago-Brothel-show-JO050509.article) work as a “greeter” (or perhaps he’d be the piano player) at a Nevada brothel.

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