Monday, February 13, 2017

EXTRA: ‘Early voting’ for a few, nothing for the electoral masses

If you happen to live in Evanston to the north, Berwyn to the west, or Calumet City or Dolton to the south, then Monday is a day of significance.
ORR:Staff among few aware elections are forthcoming

It’s the first day you can show up at an early voting center and cast ballots for the Feb. 28 primary elections being held in those municipalities.

THEY ALL HAVE mayors or aldermanic posts up for grabs, and those are the few communities that have formal primary elections – even though most of them are dominated by Democratic Party political structure. Most don’t have Republican parties, even in theory.

Meaning that the primary will mean more than the April 5 general election, which will be just a formality for the primary winners to actually begin governing again come May 1.

Most other suburbs have purely nonpartisan political structures, meaning they just have the one election in the springtime during which everything is up for grabs. The majority of voters can be completely oblivious to electoral politics, if they so choose. Although I'd argue they maintain such ignorance at their own risk!

Those of you dedicated enough to cast an early ballot can do so at the voting centers being maintained by the Cook County clerk’s office from now through Feb. 27 – with the usual polling places opening the following day; Election Day itself!

NOT THAT ANY of this means a thing if you’re among the one-third of Chicago-area residents who actually reside in Chicago. For this is the one electoral cycle in which city residents get a break.

Nothing up for grabs, and local government elections not scheduled again until 2019.


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