Friday, February 17, 2017

What did Thursday's ‘Day w/o Immigrants’ accomplish?

I wasn’t the least bit shocked when I read through some of the commentary posted on Facebook in response to several stories that had been written about the “Day Without Immigrants” protests that took place Thursday.
I complied, inadvertently

The nativist nitwit segment of our society wanted to make sure we all knew they think the people who participated in protest are irrelevant to our society, and that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials would be wise to arrest protesters so as to garner a large share of future deportees.

IF ANYTHING, WHAT appalled me the most was the poor grammar of most of these nattering nabobs of negativism (to steal from the spirit of one-time Vice President Spiro Agnew’s quote that was his one positive contribution to our society).

Their spelling stinks and their grammar was atrocious. This coming from the people who go about thinking they’re the “real” Americans.

I suspect many of the immigrant protesters for whom English is an acquired language probably speak and write it better!

For it would seem that these protesters, consisting both of immigrants to this country and people who want to make it clear that the nastiness emanating from the mind of our current president has nothing to do with the American Way of life!

PEOPLE WERE ENCOURAGED not to go to work or school or spend any kind of money. The protest was meant to be a one-day example of the economic impact the so-called foreigners (or whatever stupid slur one might choose to use) have on this country.
Spirit reminiscent of this 2004 film

There were noon hour protests in Chicago with people marching from Union Park on the Near West Side to the Federal Building plaza. Which actually seems like a common destination for protests in Chicago these days.

The women marched there. Now the immigrants – although they didn’t achieve the hundreds of thousands of participants that the ladies did when they chose a Saturday morning to participate.

It makes me think that many immigrant types had to work for a living. Otherwise the crowds could have been larger.

AND WHAT DOES it say that many of the xenophobic types had the time to take to Facebook (and probably Twitter too, I haven’t bothered to check) to write their rants all through the afternoon?
Was Elia really talking about nativists?

It reminds me of one-time Chicago Cubs manager Lee Elia’s famed obscenity-laced rant when he said “85 percent of the world are earning a living” while the other “15 percent” have the time to go to weekday afternoon Cubs games so they could harass the ballplayers.

Could it be that the “15 percent” who write these pathetic rants and the “46 percent” of people who voted for Donald Trump to be president are the same people?

It also amazed me the degree to some businesses acknowledged reality and closed for the day – and not just a few shops in the Little Village neighborhood. Chicago’s famed Berghoff Restaurant forced its usual noon-hour lunch crowd downtown to have to acknowledge the immigration issue.
Bayless joins in the cause

WHILE CELEBRITY CHEF Rick Bayless closed four of his Mexican-oriented restaurants, and said he’ll donate proceeds from the two restaurants he kept open to groups fighting to defend those immigrants being harassed.

Certainly a good move on his part – since he can now claim to have made an economic sacrifice and gain positive publicity by taking an action he had little choice but to do. Although I expect the Latino activist types who get all worked up that the pop star chef of Mexican cuisine is actually a white boy native of Oklahoma won’t want to give him any credit.
Forced downtown lunchgoers to address issue

There was even the Pete’s Fresh Mart chain of supermarkets that focuses its business on neighborhoods that often are ignored by Jewel. Their Southwest Side stores were closed. I wouldn’t know personally because I didn’t do any shopping Thursday.

Sure enough, I complied with the protest by not doing shopping or engaging in commerce. Athough I did keep a previously-scheduled doctor’s appointment – does that make me a “traitor” to la causa?


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