Friday, February 3, 2017

EXTRA: Just in case we felt lonely without her, Leslie Munger is back

Leslie Munger lost her government post a couple of months ago, following her electoral defeat last year to Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza. Yet it almost feels like she never departed.
MUNGER: Now deputy gov?

Sure enough, she’s back!

MUNGER WAS NAMED Friday to the post of deputy governor, which Gov. Bruce Rauner says will be a post that will add to the discussions that are supposed to be taking place to put together the first state budget of the nearly two-year-old Rauner era.

She also is supposed to work with non-profit organizations to see how they can be utilized by state government.
MENDOZA: Still the comptroller

Keep in mind this does NOT put Munger in line to be governor should Rauner become amongst the dearly departed. The post of lieutenant governor remains in the hands of Evelyn Sanguinetti – the one-time Wheaton municipal official with little other government experience.

Not that Munger had much more before being appointed back in January 2015 to become state Comptroller – on account of the fact that the duty-elected Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka passed away before her term could begin.

SHE HAD NEVER held elective office. Yet now, she’s being touted as some wisened sage who will guide our state government out of the morass into which it has sank.
SANGUINETTI: Outranks Munger. Or does she?

Unless you think having worked for Helene Curtis and Procter & Gamble gave her some special skills and knowledge.

But hey, Rauner had to do something to reward the person who, for a couple of years, gave him a fellow Republican amongst the state’s constitutional officers. Compared to now, where he’s the lone GOPer in a state sea of Democrats.

Just something to keep in mind the next time Republican political operatives get all worked up and act all huffy about some Democratic deal rewarding someone politically for a job that will never need to be done.


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