Saturday, February 25, 2017

EXTRA: Who uninvited whom?

I see where President Donald J. Trump says he won't show up this spring at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, a traditional event in which the presidential press corps winds up interacting for the evening with the president himself, and other top politicos.
Could Alec Baldwin fill in for Trump at correspondents' dinner
The event has taken place for nearly a century. Yet celebrity has added a tinge in the past decade or two -- entertainers like to show that they're also a part of the political scene and use the event to be seen in D.C.

NOT THIS YEAR, though. Trump says he's not going. But many people have said they were likely to skip out because they didn't want to be seen with the Trumpster.

Which is why I really wonder if this is a case of Trump publicly saying he's not showing up -- before anyone could publicly make it known that his presence at the event wasn't particularly desired.

For what it's worth, money raised by the annual event does go toward a college scholarship fund, which is always the noble rhetoric spewed by participants as to why they feel compelled to show up and suck up to each other.

As for those people who go out of their way to deride the event and lambast it as the "nerd prom," I'd have to say they always come across as pathetic losers themselves. Perhaps they're just jealous they weren't able to warrant an invitation for themselves?

IT WILL BE interesting to see if the event continues to take place even without a president present (the last time a president didn't show up was the year that Ronald Reagan couldn't be there because he was still recovering from gunshot wounds).

It might be all the more better if it becomes something where the segment of society that couldn't bring itself to back Trump (the 54 percent) celebrates its opposition. I'm sure it would massively irritate Trump if an impersonator (perhaps actor Alec Baldwin?) fill in for him.

Considering how much of a publicity hound Trump is at heart, I suspect that if the party takes place without him, he'll wind up feeling neglected and ultimately wishing he had been present!


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