Saturday, June 10, 2017

EXTRA: A glass of Nestle Quik for Batman in the Great Beyond?

We've been reliving the campiness of the 1960s-era Batman that gave us actor Adam West as the Caped Crusader, what with West's departure from this realm of existence.

Personally, I still find the most ludicrous moment in the 1966 film that fed off the television series to be the one where Batman is pulled from the ocean by a helicopter -- only to find a shark gnawing on his leg.

OF COURSE, BATMAN was able to cope with the situation because he just happened to have Bat Shark Repellant spray tucked away in his utility belt. Between that, and any moment involving either Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, and a chuckle can always crop up on my face.
About to bust out to be hunted down by Batman

But among the tidbits that came up in the assorted obituaries was the fact that West got the part of Batman because of his appearances in Nestle's Quik commercials -- featured as Agent Q, a parody of a suave, debonair type. Just perfect for millionaire Bruce Wayne who uses his fortune to pay for all those goodies he uses to fight crime!

And yes, after watching this aging television spot, I'm sure that Agent Q could kick Austin Power's behind any day of the week, then take down Dr. Evil and all the other characters of that ridiculous world all before settling down to fighting a real villain in the form of the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

After all, you have to give some credit to a super villain like the Joker, who as played by actor Cesar Romero wouldn't give up his mustache and had it covered over with face paint.


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