Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mexico -- 1; U.S.A -- 1

Just a thought in the wake of the tie played Sunday by the national soccer squads for the United States and Mexico, which is being considered a symbolic victory by the U.S. team because they avoided suffering a humiliating defeat at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City that could have ruined any chance they had of qualifying for the World Cup international soccer tourney to be played next year in Russia.
TRUMP: Real target of Mexican fan contempt

Considering that many Mexican and Mexican-Americans have felt great anger at the contempt repeatedly shown us by President Donald J. Trump, a Mexican victory would have been a symbolic "shove it" to the Trump-ites of our society.

AND YES, I realize that many Trump types probably don't pay any attention to "real" futbol.

But I have to admit that watching the match between the North American rival nations gave off more of a "World" series feel than the pro baseball tourney played each year in this country. Really, a "World" Series between Chicago's North Side and Cleveland?

For a more thorough account of Sunday night's match, check out this weblog's sister site at The South Chicagoan.


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