Thursday, June 22, 2017

EXTRA: What is Ill. government these days but a whole lot of nothingness

I suppose we could debate who is being more pig-headed (Gov. Bruce Rauner or Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago) with regards to the daily operations of state government.
What WOULD Lincoln think of his home state

The governor clearly is trying to pressure the Democrats who run the General Assembly to shut up and do what he tells them to by expecting them to back the budget proposal he and the Republican minority of legislators have created on their own.

DEMOCRATS ARE CLEARLY taking the food they’re being force-fed during the ongoing "special session" and spitting it back in the GOP face, what with the legislative sessions they have held Wednesday and Thursday that barely lasted 20 or so minutes each – and included many no-shows, particularly amongst Senate Democrats who claim they already voted to pass a budget plan and it’s time for everybody else to get on board with them!

It means nothing is happening toward putting together a budget plan that would enable Illinois state government to operate semi-normally. Everybody is busy blaming everybody else for that whole lot of nothingness.

It means that we’re clearly headed for two full years without an operating budget. Nothing is likely to change between now and July 1 (which is the first day of the state’s Fiscal ’18).

The blame game will continue – and yes, it’s likely the Republican Party will continue to issue its daily statements as it has since Wednesday lambasting Democrats for causing problems by not doing what Rauner tells them to do.

IN SHORT, BEHAVING as though Democrats are actually the majority party that controls the legislative process – rather than a minority party with a loud mouth, but little influence.

Which, sadly to say, is what the Republican Party in Illinois has devolved to.

That, rather than anything Rod Blagojevich might have said or did, is what is likely to have Abraham Lincoln spinning over in his grave.


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