Thursday, June 29, 2017

EXTRA: A rainy night w/ super heroes

I’m writing this while watching on television the Chicago White Sox finish up their four-game series this week against the New York Yankees.
Bat Man with the White Sox' one-time 'bat' man. Photographs by Gregory Tejeda
Yes, I went to the ballpark Thursday night, and wound up sitting there in the rain for about an hour-and-a-half before finally getting fed up with getting soaked. As things turned out, it took another hour-and-a-half before play began.

SO I’M OUT $20 (what I paid for a lower deck seat right by the left field foul pole). But the evening was still somewhat amusing – and not just for the dancing blonde chick in the next section over who jiggled her booty away non-stop once she realized the stadium camera was focused on her and broadcast her movements to all within Guaranteed Rate Field.

But it was also Super Heroes Day, which drew a large number of “Comic Book Guy” types, some of whom even had kids with them who also were costumed.
Spider-Man w/ Paulie Konerko

There even were the people the White Sox hired to wander about the ballpark in fairly elaborate super hero costumes.

Personally, I found it ironic to see Bat Man pose by the statue of one-time White Sox slugger Frank Thomas – since I still remember the 1997 season marketing campaign that claimed “the Big Hurt” was the White Sox’ bat man.

AS FOR HIS Robin? That was one-time third baseman (and later manager) Robin Ventura!

It was truly a night of people finding every excuse to pull out their camera phones and take all kinds of goofy pictures. Perhaps a chance for people to resort back to the child within themselves. Although there were plenty of others who coped with the soggy conditions by making for a very good night for ballpark beer vendors -- who had significant sales in those early hours before a single pitch was thrown.

Comic books helped make a rainy night more pleasant
My own regret is that I didn’t get a good picture of the “Wonder Woman” who sat in the stands. Her costume was revealing to the point where I felt like I was supposed to reach into my wallet and pay her a few bucks for gawking at her personal parts that were on exposure. My own camera phone acted up, and the shot got blurred in certain spots – almost as though some cosmic force was editing my pictures to make them suitable for family publication.
My $20 view of the ballgame I wound up watching on television
But I did manage to come up with a few humorous photographs, some of which might bring a smile to your faces as well.
The Chicago skyline as seen from the Sout' Side ballpark


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