Saturday, June 3, 2017

How close to a coup will we come with regards to the fate of Donald Trump?

One of my distant cousins felt compelled to express her disgust with President Donald J. Trump, taking to Facebook to let it be known she’s among the majority of our society wishing he could be removed from office.
TRUMP: How can we dump him from office?

Me, feeling the need to be a complete smart-aleck, responded by saying such talk amounted to a coup d’ tat and was un-American. Although I then added in full sincerity the part I really believe – that we’re stuck with the buffoon in the post of president and commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces and that we’re going to have to suffer a bit.

THAT IS OUR penalty for picking to be our president the rube who thinks all his money buys him sophistication and knowledge. We, the people, picked him, and now we’re going to pay for our moment of vacuousness.

Even though we had an election in which 54 percent of people who voted chose someone other than Trump, the rules under which our elections operate allowed Donald’s 46 percent support to be sufficient to give him an Electoral College majority.

And as various polls show, those who were among the 46 percent are largely satisfied – mainly because they enjoy the thought that Trump’s presence in the political post so offends the people they disagree with.

Considering that those same individuals are the ones who gave Republican interests their current control over Congress, there’s just no way that we get any serious effort toward impeachment.

THE PEOPLE WHO are in control would likely find themselves on the wrong end of the conservative right’s retribution if they were to do anything to harm Donald Trump. As for those who think their sense of shame would become too intense; well, that’s nonsense talk.
What's worse? Trump thinks this is still real? Or worth defending?
Many in government have no sense of shame. If they did, they probably wouldn’t have been able to bring themselves to run for office to begin with.

So for us in the real majority, we’re going to likely have to endure the nonsense of moments such as Trump’s public withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, where he said he did it to support people like those who live in Pittsburgh, rather than Paris or any other foreign place.

Of course, the mayor of Pittsburgh quickly came out and publicly criticized the president for undermining a measure that would go a long way toward making the Pennsylvania city a cleaner- and more-pleasant place to live.

GRIFFIN: Too absurd to take seriously
WHAT I SUSPECT Trump really means is that he did something to benefit those people of the rural parts of Pennsylvania who provided much of the voter support that caused such places as that state, along with Michigan and Ohio, to swing over to the Trump column last election night.

It’s not like Trump is the kind of guy who gets too wrapped up in comprehending the details of his actions – his real quarrel over the environmental agreement most likely is a bad meal he once had while at a French restaurant somewhere in Manhattan.

So what should we expect in the way in expressing opposition to this Age of Trump that we’re now in?

There are the protests such as the one scheduled for Saturday outside the Dirksen and Kluczynski federal complex in Chicago – along with various other cities across the nation. This particular event is going to focus on Trump and Russia and the notion that the president is in an unhealthy collusion with that nation.

WHICH WILL GIVE an outlet to express the frustrations of those of us ashamed to live in a nation with a sizable batch of knuckleheads who had no problem with the image of former President Barack Obama facing a lynch mob but now are grossly offended at the latest nonsensical ramblings and images of comedian Kathy Griffin.

For the key to comprehending Trump’s actions is to realize he’s not fully aware of the details of his trash-talk, which enables him to spew such nonsense. It often may be based on the stereotypes of the past – such as his Pittsburgh comment.
CAPONE: Does Trump think he's still real?

It makes me wonder if something similar is happening every time Trump engages in trash talk of Chicago and its crime rate. Perhaps he thinks Al Capone is still on the loose in the Second City and needs to be reigned in?

Which probably has Trump wondering why that damned G-man, Eliot Ness, isn’t responding to any of his phone calls to order up a federal raid or two on “Scarface’s” South Side operations! Or maybe he's so confused he thinks he's really calling actor Kevin Costner?!?


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