Thursday, April 22, 2010

EXTRA: Quinn won’t tax downloads

Broken by the Chicago Sun-Times, and killed off by the Chicago Tribune.

At least that is how it appears on the Internet with regards to Gov. Pat Quinn’s suggestion that downloads of pop music and movies ( could be taxed to raise revenue for government.

IT IS NOT the most ridiculous concept in the world. But it is not about to happen. The Tribune reported Thursday (one day after the Sun-Times played it up big on Page One) that Quinn is now saying the idea was merely a suggestion, and not something he’s committed to backing.

So now, we can focus attention on an increase in the state income tax (the subject of a staged rally outside the Statehouse this week that attracted some 15,000 people), which is an idea that will have even less popularity than getting the financial deadbeats who blow all their spare money on iTunes to fork over a few cents per purchase to the state – which is already done in 19 other states.


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