Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Obama giving us a moment of joy, or a preview of November gloom and doom?

Barack Obama will use St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday as the location for his “the primary season is over and it looks like we won” speech, which is meant to be a slap at Republican John McCain.

After all, the Republican National Convention will be held later this summer in the same city, yet Obama is trying to place the image of St. Paul as being a part of the story of his “historic presidential victory” in November.

IT REEKS OF the same mentality of some athletes who literally will visit an opposing team’s stadium prior to a “big game” and urinate on the playing field – almost as a way of marking their turf.

Yet I can’t help but notice that some people are pointing out another image that could come to mind from the use of Minnesota. It was there that Walter Mondale gave his concession speech after losing the 1984 presidential election (and the electoral votes in every state except Minnesota) to Ronald Reagan.

To this day, GOP political operatives have wet dreams about 1984 and view it as their model of the perfect election.

So is Obama staking his claim to St. Paul, or is he inviting bad karma?

AND WOULD AN Obama victory on Nov. 4 be the election that reinforces the concept that 1984 and Ronald Reagan are ancient history politically, and not particularly relevant to the direction the country is moving in today?

Just asking.


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Anonymous said...

Gregory, I love your blog. It is extremely thoughtful and well-written. I don't always agree, but you consistantly make good points.

HOWEVER, after what may have been the bloodiest Democratic primary in US political history (exageration noted), could we please have one night of happiness to watch Sen. Obama make history? Yes, yes. There's that Tobie Ziegler "tempting fate" thing again. But, I had the whole evening planned; a great bottle of wine. Now, I have this to think about! Argh!