Wednesday, June 11, 2008

EXTRA!: 33-16, it passes

What a shock (heavy sarcasm intended). The City Council elected to let Mayor Richard M. Daley have his way with a proposed new structure in Grant Park for the Children’s Museum.

The only real question I have is whether the structure now at the site for the proposed museum will have its name retained in some form. The Daley Bicentennial Field House already exists, and wouldn’t it be a perfect tribute to Machine politics that the name of old man Daley, Richard J., gets attached to this museum, which passed due to pure partisan politics.

The only thing that would have been more appropriate is if the microphones of museum critics were to suddenly die on them during the council’s debate.

For those who want to read the work based on real reporters who were present for the council’s activity, check this ( site.

Now, this can quit being a political issue and can become a legal one, as I’m sure opposition groups will try to tie this up in the courts for years to come. Oh joy.


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