Monday, July 11, 2016

Positioning selves for political ‘pep rallies.’ Or, how can we Dump Trump?

I’ve only been to one presidential nominating convention – the one held in 1996 by the Democrats in Chicago. Based on that experience, I don’t feel compelled to attend another.
Will Dem convention be a Hillary-fest?
The problem is that the events are so heavily staged by the presumptive nominees that there is no “drama,” no “suspense.” They really are nothing more than pep rallies – one step up from those high school-staged events to get everybody all revved up for “the big game!”

EXCEPT IN THIS case, the goal is to get political operatives excited enough to go back home and turn out the vote en masse for their preferred political candidate.

Which would make this year’s presidential nominating conventions to be held in Philadelphia and Cleveland all the more important – since this is the year of “Who Do I Hate The Most?!?”

People who bother to cast ballots will be voting against the person whose presence absolutely disturbs them the most. And I don’t doubt that for every person who is absolutely bothered by the existence of Donald Trump in the political realm, there is someone else who feels equally perturbed about the Clintons – and likely has been waiting for years for the chance to vote against the idea of Hillary for president.

Which is why I’m intrigued by the nitpicking that is taking place these days in anticipation of the nominating conventions. People are trying to make sure that there’s something for people to get excited about.

OTHERWISE THE REPUBLICAN gathering in Cleveland, followed by da Dems in Philly, will be deadly dull proceedings filled with neurotic people filled with so much hate for someone else that they probably will scare people away from being interested.
Will Bernie Sanders play nice in Philly?
For the Democrats, there has been much speculation about the party platform – which is a formal list of ideals that Democrats claim to stand for, but then wind up ignoring whichever points they happen to disagree with.

For as Will Rogers once said, “Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they’d be Republicans.”

Democratic political operatives who used their influence to ensure that the Bernie Sanders for president campaign could never go anywhere are now all eager to put together a platform filled with ideals that are “Berned” into the brains of the Vermont senator’s minds – a $15 per hour minimum wage, no death penalty, and prioritizing renewable energy.
Is Will Rogers the ultimate political philosopher?
THEY’LL LOOK NICE when written out on paper, but will be largely ignored by Democratic government officials when it comes time to act and create public policy.

It will be a lot of wasted ink being used to write up documents taking stances that no one will make much of an effort to impose – all out of the hopes that the Sanders supporters might actually consider flopping on board with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Rather than just sitting out this presidential election cycle and fulfilling Trump’s most intense fantasies – which is that his overly-vocal band of followers would actually be enough people to win a national election!

But Trump has his own problems what with all the establishment Republican operatives claiming they’re not going to even bother with the convention.

IT SEEMS THE people who originally fantasized that they could ignore the will of all those primaries held in recent months and pick somebody else to be the GOP nominee for president are still conspiring.

It seems they want to be able to tell Trump who his vice presidential running mate will be. Which might be possible, since so many political people interested in having an electoral future are refusing to be considered. We could seriously wind up with a Republican ticket of Trump and Newt Gingrich – the one-time House speaker who managed in his own way to tick off the ideological nitwits of the world.
A tainted taco bowl?
The problem is that most people don’t bother to take the vice president into account, unless they’re using it as a reason to vote against the ticket. Which makes me wonder if the GOP establishment types are engaging in their own conspiracy to Dump Trump – and have a running mate of their preference in place to become “Da Prez!”

Does this mean what Trump needs more than anything else these days is an official food taster to make sure his so-called allies don’t try to taint his taco bowls?


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