Saturday, July 9, 2016

A race ‘war’ by the cops? Or nonsense to attract attention to broadcaster?

WALSH: From back in his Congress days
Remember Joe Walsh? You ‘member.

He’s not the guitar player from the Eagles; he’s the guy whom the people of the northwest suburbs of Chicago got stuck with as their representation in Congress.

THE GUY WHO managed to get himself elected by Tea Party-type goofs in 2010 – only to be dumped two years later when Barack Obama’s re-election bid created momentum for his opponent?

Since then, Walsh has sort of been able to keep up his persona as a public person by hosting a radio talk show that would allow him to spout out whatever nonsense he could get people to listen to.

But it seems that Walsh is always in need of more attention – perhaps he doesn’t gain enough listeners to attract advertisers who’d make his programs actually worth paying attention to.

In that context, Walsh’s behavior this week makes sense. He’s talking trash because he needs the attention. He certainly isn’t making any sense.

WALSH, WHO LIKES to think he speaks on behalf of those conservative ideologues who can’t stand that anybody pays attention to anyone who isn’t exactly like them, took up the issue of the shootings Thursday night in Dallas – the one that seems to have resulted in the deaths of five city police officers.

Now is it bad that he’s decided to take up the cause of the cops? Not particularly.
OBAMA: Didn't praise police enough to appease Walsh
Although it is his choice of rhetoric he used while posting his thoughts on Twitter (whose outrageous-ness have since caused them to be removed) that make us wonder how desperate Walsh must be these days to gain attention for himself.

“This is now war. Watch out Obama,” wrote Walsh, in implying that the president’s comments of support for the Dallas police weren’t supportive enough.

“WATCH OUT BLACK lives matters punks. Real America is coming after you,” he wrote.

For it seems that Walsh is one of those people who thinks all the incidents of recent years where police committed racially-inspired violence against black people was somehow justified.
Would Walsh have found this image subversive
But one act where a law enforcement type wound up getting hurt – that was the moment of outrage. The one that will justify turning the police loose to defend themselves against the barbarians who threaten to overrun our society unless we deal with them first.

Just writing that rant gave me a headache. It is so nonsensical. And from the perspective of those people inclined to want to think of war, it is one that was declared many generations ago by law enforcement itself. When it behaves in ways that make us think they view themselves as our government’s thugs; the muscle it uses to keep people in line.

WALSH’S RANT MAKES me think he’s just the descendant of those kind of people whom some 50 years ago would have been complaining about the racist Black Panther Party types who talked of the need for black people to defend themselves against law enforcement types who occasionally turned out to be Klan members or other white supremacists hiding behind the shields of the badges they wore.

If one thinks about what it is that Walsh is saying, they’d have to realize he’s speaking on behalf of the people who ARE the problem – particularly if they think the solution somehow entails themselves “coming after” the people they disagree with.

Which is why it makes more sense to think of this rant as nothing more than a cheap stunt meant to gain some attention to the aspiring radio host who perhaps hopes his thoughts will attract more listeners.

Although to tell you the truth, I think I have more respect for broadcasters like Mancow Muller or Howard Stern and the nonsensical stunts they have engaged in throughout the years to gain listener attention.

PARTICULARLY THE TIME when Muller tried to claim that “waterboarding” as a form of torture wasn’t really so bad. It kind of makes me wish we could do something similar to Walsh.

Although I suspect the biggest harm we could do to him would be to simply ignore his broadcasts altogether.


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