Tuesday, July 19, 2016

EXTRA: Will we really care by week’s end about plagiarized Trump speech?

I can’t get too worked up over the fact that would-be first lady Melania Trump stole bits of her nominating convention speech (the one in which she was supposed to convince the nation that her husband wasn’t the ogre many presume him to be) from a similar talk given eight years ago by First Lady Michelle Obama.
Will Trump rescue Melania's reputation ...
For one thing, I highly suspect that this won’t even be the most stupid moment of this year’s Republican convention. For all I know by the time you read this, Trump or one of his allies will have done something even dumber.

THIS COULD WIND up being a mini moment of absurdity in a week devoted to ridiculousness.

After all, Trump is showing us that he doesn’t care what the so-called rules of politics are – he’s going to do things his way.

Considering that this is the real estate developer who thinks that all of his buildings need to have his name on them in giant letters (40 feet high, for his tower in Chicago), I’m sure he thinks anything is appropriate – so long as it’s done on his behalf.

His so-called defense Tuesday morning to his wife’s rhetoric Monday night amounted to little more than telling us not to pay attention to that man behind the curtain – the Wizard of Oz line of logic.

PERSONALLY, I THINK that she took a couple of lines during her 10-minute address to the nation isn’t whole-hearted pirating. In fact, some could claim it flattery that she would take from the source being the spouse of the man that Trump wants us to believe is the source of all this nation’s problems.

I should be honest in admitting that it was a speech-writer who actually came up with this talk. I doubt that Melania herself would be capable of crafting a speech of any significant length – even though she claims she put it together herself.
... by doing something more absurd to distract?
Which means she probably gave it a read-through, and may have changed a word or two. But this is more a case of an amateurish campaign taking pride in its amateurism and thinking they can get away with anything.

What is most pathetic is that Melania Trump’s talk was supposed to be the key of the Monday night activity (unless you believe that it was Scott Baio the nation really wanted to hear from).

SHE WAS SUPPOSED to put the human face on him. She was supposed to give us insights into the real man that would make us all want to cast our votes for him come Nov. 8.

Instead, she goes into the history books as the ultimate trophy wife who earned her place at Trump’s side because he likes the way she looks while wearing a tight sweater. I can’t help but wonder what Ivana or Marla think these days?

The nominating convention proceeds, and we’ll be waiting for the next gaffe – one most likely to be committed by Trump himself. For unlike most nominating conventions where the candidate doesn’t show up until the last minute and the events build a level of suspense leading to that moment, Trump wants to make daily appearances.

Just like he can’t envision a building without his name on it, he thinks this week is all about him. Feeding his ego, which really is the purpose of his whole presidential campaign.

IT IS WHY I actually found it funny to learn that former President George W. Bush recently attended a reunion of his staff from his days in the White House, and said there’s a good chance he’ll be the last Republican to ever get elected president.
BUSH: No longer the GOP head dumb-dumb!
All because Trump is about to do so much damage to the political brand that was once the “Party of Lincoln” and had a nobility in the way it stood up to the segregationist elements of our society. Now, Trump seems determined to let those people know the GOP won’t hold their nativist thoughts against them.

Although in a sense, you’d think that Bush would be pleased to have a Trump come along. He’ll get blamed for killing off the GOP’s chances of being anything more than a regional political party of rural America.

Because it detracts from the blame that some would put on Bush himself – what with his own many intellectual gaffes as president – for causing the political party irreparable harm!


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