Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Conservative conspiracy? Or prevalence of common sense in society?

I’m sure those people of a mental preponderance to want to favor social conservative ideologue thought are thinking that society is somehow ganging up on them when it comes to electoral matters.
CLINTON: No longer facing inductment

Here in Illinois, a lawsuit filed against the woman who is now seeking the U.S. Senate seat as a Democrat is not going to go to trial just as the electoral cycle heats up.

THERE WON’T BE all kinds of political tidbits that can be used against candidate Tammy Duckworth in her bid to challenge Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill. – that lawsuit got settled out of court.

As if that wasn’t devastating enough for conservative political chances of taking down people who would challenge their way of thought, now we have the FBI coming right out and saying that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton didn’t do a thing that would warrant the filing of criminal charges against her.

Their investigation into her use of a private e-mail system while serving as Secretary of State did not produce the evidence of classified information being disseminated improperly; as ideologues for months have been implying it did.

The Democratic Party is not on the verge of nominating a person facing criminal indictment when they have their presidential convention in coming weeks in Philadelphia.

THAT REALLY WAS the electoral strategy of Republican partisans in Illinois – make sure that the trial that could have occurred in late August produces bits that can be used against Duckworth.

Meanwhile, let Clinton get bogged down in a mass of legal issues that would spill over to all candidates seeking office on the Democratic ticket. Which was the only way that Illinois with its modern-day leanings toward Democrats and the urban thoughts they carry would even consider picking Republican candidates in any great number.
DUCKWORTH: No longer facing trial
Instead, no trial. No criminal indictment. Nothing to produce bits of “fact” (more likely trivia) that could be used during the election cycle. Making it all the more likely that the two-thirds of Illinois’ population that lives in the six-county Chicago area will overcome the remaining parts of Illinois that are rural in character and will be relied upon to back GOP picks for government positions.

Personally, I think it is sad that the modern-day Republican Party would be so reliant on criminal proceedings to bolster its chances of winning a damn thing come the Nov. 8 Election Day.

ALTHOUGH I HAVE to be honest and admit that Democratic political operatives would be just as inclined to use criminal proceedings to gain an advantage for their political candidates if it were at all possible.

For all the high-minded talk some people spew about wanting to pick quality people to serve in our government, we’re really more inclined to delve in the dirt and spew the muck to filthy-up each other – to the point where our modern-day elections truly become a matter of deciding “Who do I hate the least?”

Which is why we have a likely presidential election coming up between a Democrat who has long been despised by a certain ideological segment of our society and a business executive whose behavior on the campaign trail is so garish and gross that his Republican bid for president is achieving record-high levels of unpopularity.

Libertarian candidates may actually wind up taking more than their usual 1 percent of the ballots cast just because we find everybody else so contemptible.

WE’RE NOT GOING to get the dirt. Or at least we won’t get it put straight-forward. I have no doubt that GOP operatives will figure out ways of bringing up the allegations against Duckworth and Clinton that they would have used anyway. They just won’t be able to say that some nasty tidbit came out of trial proceedings.
TRUMP: Are his chances withering away?
It will be pure rumor and trash being spewed about by political people with no sense of shame.

All of which makes me want to take a shower now to get myself extra clean, on account of all the muck my mind will be cluttered up with during the next four months.

As I wonder how long it will take following Election Day to totally cleanse me mentally?


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