Friday, July 22, 2016

It's sad that ideologues have waited for years for this moment to demonize Hillary Rodham Clinton reputation

Many people have made much of the failure of Ted Cruz to explicitly endorse Donald Trump for president and the plagiarism of potential first lady Melania that took place during this year’s Republican National Convention.
CLINTON: Her moment to shine comes next week
But what was truly notable about the events of the week just ended were the sentiments expressed about likely Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

FROM THE MOCK “trial” of the one-time Ms. Rodham by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the repetitious chants of “Lock her up!” that could be heard throughout the Quicken Loans Arena all week, this was not a friendly audience for the one-time first lady and secretary of state.

Not that a nominating convention audience is ever sympathetic toward the political challenger. But this was most definitely a crowd that has anxiously been awaiting, probably for years, for a chance to vote “no” to the idea of Hillary Rodham Clinton as our nation’s 45th chief executive.

Although I wonder how much of the anger that was seething throughout the hall (overcoming the feel-good vibe that ought to exist in the building that is the home of the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers) is devoted to hatred of Hillary, as opposed to having to vote for Trump as president because she’s the only legitimate choice on the ballot.

In this year of 2016, the one with the Election season whose unofficial (but all-too-truthful) theme is “Who Do I Hate the Most?!?,” it became clear that the hatred level of Hillary Clinton runs high.
CHRISTIE: Should Hillary put him on trial?
I’M SURE THE people gathered in Cleveland this week to nominate Trump for the U.S. presidency are angered by the many polls that show Clinton favored by more potential voters across the country.

Because to them, there is no one worth despising more than Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s like these people feed off the hatred and negativity, which likely has built up for the past couple of decades since the days of Bill Clinton as president.
CRUZ: Not all like Trump
After all, these same ideologues managed to impeach (if not convict) Bill Clinton. He was supposed to wither away in disgrace, and take that despicable wench of a wife he has with him.

In fact, I don’t doubt there are some who think Bill Clinton’s punishment for being an unacceptable president ought to be to have to live the rest of his life with Hillary.
CLINTON: Origin of Hillary hatred?!?
INSTEAD, BILL CLINTON has become a prominent ex-president more highly regarded than either of the Bushes who comprise the former Republican presidents still living.

And now, if a majority of the electorate follows through with their belief that Trump is too stupid, bigoted, maniacal, racist (whichever word you prefer, I personally think egotistical is most accurate) to be president, then Bill Clinton will literally be back in the White House – even if just in the role of presidential spouse who becomes her unofficial top adviser (no actual title, but trying to tell her that Bill Kaine of Virginia ought to be the VP nominee) on issues of policy.

That, I’m sure, is a significant part of the anger we saw on display in Cleveland. If only the Republican Party were not so dysfunctional these days, perhaps it could have picked a better candidate to run against her.

Although the real fear (hope for salvation, amongst the Trump-ites) is that the sense that Hillary has this election wrapped up will cause a sense of apathy. One that results in many people not bothering to cast ballots, which could turn the Trump-ites into a real majority that could win.

FOR AS AN e-mail message from the CHC Bold PAC says, “Republicans LOVE Trump. Republicans WANT Trump to win. Republicans WON’T STOP until Trump is President.” Then, they hit me up for a contribution to the cause of electing Democrats.
The sentiment Clinton hopes to convey in Philly
Which is nonsense! The GOP is schizophrenic enough these days they don’t agree with Trump. What they agree upon is “Hillary bad” (although most likely, they substitute another “B” word to describe her).

Which, in a sense, means the Republicans this week failed to give us a single legitimate reason to vote FOR Donald Trump. It’s all about voting against “that woman!”

Which ought to make the true majority of our society take seriously the notion of casting a ballot for Hillary come Nov. 8 – even if it’s just to spite all the angry white guys on display this week. Who in all honesty are going to find something to be angry about no matter who wins this election cycle!


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