Thursday, July 14, 2016

EXTRA: Ginsburg speaks out for society segment “right” would silence

Honey is my step-mother’s mother, and at age 95 is a bit hard of hearing to the point one has to be prepared to shout at her to be heard. But she’s still capable of carrying on a lucid conversation and holding her own in a verbal quarrel.
Ginsburg not alone in belittling Trump
So what is it that can trigger this woman these days into outrage and a sense of disgust and contempt?


The mere mention of Trump’s name or sight of him on television (and unfortunately, she’s the kind who makes a point to keep up with current events off the television newscasts) is enough to get her riled up.

She’s convinced his election come the Nov. 8 Election Day proceedings will be a major downfall for this country, and she can’t quite believe that a real majority of our nation could be dense enough to pick that man.

Like it or not, it is a viewpoint held by quite a few people – despite the idea that the ideologues of our society want to believe that everybody who doesn’t agree with them ought to shut up and learn to go along with what they tell them to think!

WHAT MAKES ME feel compelled to bring up Honey is the fact that  the ideologues are getting all worked up these days over the fact that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg felt compelled to express her own thoughts of contempt over the notion that Trump and his “know nothing” attitudes could prevail on Election Day.

Such as saying that Trump has an overblown ego and “says whatever comes into his head at the moment,” while also trashing him for refusing to make public the tax returns that most political people eagerly do to show just how ordinary they truly are. And that bit about moving to New Zealand? What a riot!

Ginsburg has since issued something resembling a retraction, saying on Thursday her comments were “ill-advised” and she “regret(ted) making them.”
Ginsburg has her backers most likely
Largely because the ideologues have been bashing her about with the very theoretical argument that as a Supreme Court justice, she’s not supposed to have blatant opinions on issues.

ACTUALLY, MANY JUSTICES make it clear where they stand on issues that wind up coming before the court. What really bothers the ideologues is that Ginsburg doesn’t parrot their ideals. They’d love her if she did – and the nation’s high court were truly as stacked in their favor as they wish it were! And as how people like the late Justice Antonin Scalia (whose seat still sits vacant because of the ideologues) would have made it, if they could have got their way.

Of course, if it were, then we’d have real contempt amongst the public toward the Supreme Court.

For I don’t doubt that Ginsburg merely expressed a sentiment that is felt by many people in our society – not just my elderly abuelita-type person. It seems the conservatives amongst us really don’t want to have to be reminded how despicable some of us find Trump to be.

And how we interpret the fact that he was able to get the Republican nomination more as evidence of how weak and ineffectual the GOP has become, rather than any real strength on Trump’s part.

I HAVEN’T TALKED to Honey in a couple of days, so I’m not sure exactly how she feels about Ginsburg. Although I suspect strongly she’d be in agreement.

She’d probably also think that the people determined to silence Ginsburg are the real problem our society faces – because they invariably would not favor anything that would silence those officials who happen to agree with them.

It’s a one-sided mess. They’re the ones determined to make us into a monolithic mass that invariably would wind up excluding many already in our society.

And that, inevitably, would make us so deadly dull as a people, as well as bordering on morally-bankrupt.


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