Saturday, July 30, 2016

EXTRA: So much for Trump bump; Hillary back in the presidential lead

The Reuters wire service came up with its own poll taken in the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention – one which shows that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has received its post-convention bump in support.
CLINTON: She's back in the saddle, again
She has a 6 percent lead (41 percent to 35) over Republican candidate Donald Trump – who of course had some polls showing him with as big as a 7 percent lead over Clinton in the days following the Republican National Convention.

SO WHAT DOES any of this mean? Are we, the electorate, really so shallow that we support whatever is of the moment?

Or are the nominating conventions little more than pep rallies (even the “Everything in this country is miserable and I’m the only one who can fix it” mentality of the Trump take on society) meant to boost the public perception of the candidates.

In which case, these post-convention polls are probably as meaningless as they come.

They may also be the ultimate evidence of the truth of one of the oldest political clichés – “The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day”


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